Fire Alarms in Buildings (2.0)

La hacienda ranch Mexican restaurant in colleyville tx

NA’s gentex SPKE4-15/75WR’s

Pull stations: fire-lite BG-10’s and one BG-12

Smoke detectors: unknown

FACP: unknown
Annuciator: unknown
Boomerjacks bar and grill in lake worth Tx

NA’s: system sensor pc2wl’s & scwl’s

Pull stations: unknown

Smoke detectors: unknown

Annuciator: silent knight 5860

FACP: unknown

My local Home Depot

Annunciator: silent knight RA-1000

Pull stations: silent knight SD500-ps

NA’s : gentex GCC24CR’s

Texas Roadhouse northlake TX

Annunciator: silent knight 5860

Pull stations: fire-lite bg-12’s

NA’s: system sensor spscrl’s

Plymouth High School (Canton Township) - Located within the Plymouth-Canton Educational Park, this building opened in 2002 with the second incarnation of the Plymouth High School name; the first was what is now the Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex, a location I previously documented on the forums. Normally, I would not document an alarm system this modern, but due to an ongoing addition to the southeast, plus some interesting discoveries I made outside, I feel it is worthy to make this entry.

<One National Time 902-series addressable panel at the main entrance.
<Right next to the panel is an older Ademco/Honeywell annunciator–possibly tied into the panel and/or the school’s security system.

<National Time Digicomm photoelectric smoke detectors throughout the building; at least one of them does not have a base while the others do.
<Gentex 9000-series photoelectric smoke detectors above elevator doors.
<Interestingly, at least one elevator door area has an older System Sensor 1251B plug-in ionization detector, possibly installed as a replacement.

Pull stations:
<National Time 541-series t-bars behind semi-flush protective covers throughout the building, all of which are originally made by Sigcom.

Notification appliances:
<National Time C2-series horn/strobes and strobes throughout the building.
<Outside, this school has a series of National Time P806(?) bells encased in weatherproof covers; the cover is the same design that my National Time P810 bell has! This would suggest that the school originally used vibrating bells for class change; there are metal plates near some of the NAs inside, which would suggest there may have been vibrating bells there as well (most likely National Time 306-6 models), but I did not see any during my visit. The school has a public address system outside, too, so it is likely the bells no longer function.