Fire Alarms in Buildings (2.0)

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Fr. There aren’t any alarms in the units that are on the system tho. I’ve never seen devices like that.

I have seen two KS-6931 pull stations on eBay!!

Screenshot 2023-05-15 12.50.27 AM
thisis from my brothers school

my elemetary school was wierd it had 4 classrooms in one pod and each room had 2 remote strobe but in the middle by the partitian there was 1 horn for all 4 pods and in 1 hall there were 3 strobes close to eachother 2 were across from eachother and 1 betweeb them on the celling

Pull stations:
<EST SIGA-278 models
<RSG RMS-series “Lift & Pull” models in outdoor common areas–it is unknown which company branded them (Siemens?).

Edwards also rebrands the RSG pulls. Here’s an example.

A ton of companies rebrand RSG’s RMS-1T: it’s gotta be the most-rebranded device ever at this point.

Pretty much every obscure fire alarm brand has their own varient of the RSG RMS-1T.

Today I went to Joann fabrics in south tacoma. Right by where the enterance/exit is has a Tyco branded BG-12 and it’s announciator was beeping “trouble 972 bell 2” I asked whats causing it and the employees said their technician hasn’t figured out how to fix it.