Fire Alarms in Buildings (2.0)

My local preforming arts center has a simplex system (most likely a 4100u) with e70s/e90s and truealarms. The coolest thing is that the hall has silver e70s iirc

Suburban Collection Showplace (Novi) - Per Wikipedia, this exposition center opened in 2005, with a Hyatt Place hotel addition in 2013 and a western hall expansion in 2019. Normally, I would not document a system this modern, but the mix of devices from the building additions, I felt, made it worthy for inclusion.

<Presumably at least one Gamewell voice-evac for the expo center, model unknown
<Presumably a National Time 900/902 series voice-evac for Hyatt Place

Detectors (all for Hyatt Place; all viewable with Google Street View):
<Gentex 8000/8003 series smoke detectors in elevator lobbies
<Kidde battery-operated smoke detectors in hotel rooms
<National TIme DigiComm smoke detectors in common areas (i.e., hallways) of the hotel

Pull stations:
<Gamewell Century models throughout the expo center
<National Time 540-series t-bars in Hyatt Place (viewable in Google Street View)

Notification appliances:
<Wheelock E90 series speaker/strobes (all white) through the expo halls, with the western addition using variants with larger mounting plates
<One Wheelock ASWP horn/strobe above a sprinkler connection outside an expo center doorway (viewable in Google Street View)
<One System Sensor P2R horn/strobe above a sprinkler connection outside of Hyatt Place (viewable in Google Street View)
<Gentex GX93 mini horns in the Hyatt Place hotel rooms (viewable in Google Street View)
<Gentex SSPKWLP series speaker/strobes in the Hyatt Place common areas (viewable in Google Street View)

Interestingly, none of the Gentex devices appear to be rebranded by National Time.

Stamford Train Station, Stamford, CT:

Panel is a Simplex 4100U or 4100ES

Signals: 4903 horn or speaker strobes

Pulls: 2901-9795s (T- Bars)

Smokes: TrueAlarms

Tron Lightcycle/Run, Magic Kingdom, FL

Panel: EST Addressable panel (likely an EST3X or EST4)

Pulls: SIGA-270s

Detectors: SIGA-PDs (black)

Signals: LED Genesis speaker/strobes (wall mount, black), regular Genesis speaker/strobes (ceiling mount, black), WG4 weatherproof speaker/strobes (red, white in restrooms), and Integrity strobes (red, located in restrooms)

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This will be a big post about various churches that I have been to:

Holy Spirit Church, Stamford, CT
Panel: Some sort of newer Fire-Lite panel
Voice Evac Panel: Audiosone/Silent Knight/Sigcom AU-360 panel in vestibule

The message is the standard SK female message, like this:

Fire-Lite BG-12s

SpectrAlert Advance Speaker Strobes
System Sensor SR Strobes


  • System Sensor 2151s
  • System Sensor Beam Detectors in sanctuary

Holy Spirit/St. Aloysius School, Stamford, CT (on the HS Church property)


  • Some sort of Silent Knight panel


  • SINGLE ACTION Silent Knight rebranded BG-12s


  • System Sensor L-Series P2RL (with wire covers in gymnasium)

(Detectors are unknown, I will update on this when I go there for youth ministry meetings)

Church of St. Cecilia, Stamford, CT:

Panel: Fire-Lite MS9200
Annunciator: Fire-Lite LCD-80F

Pulls: Fire-Lite BG12s
Alarms: SpectrAlert Classics

  • System Sensor Beam detectors in sanctuary (two in choir loft, one by the front)
  • System Sensor 2151s

Peninsula Library & Historical Society (built in 1964): Peninsula, Ohio (north of Akron)

Panel is a Simplex 4240 series

Initiating devices: two Simplex 4251-1s and a 4251-20 series pull, which was a replacement for the former

ESL 400 series smoke detectors

an unknown heat sensor

Signaling devices:

Simplex 4040 (Federal 350A) and one 4050 (Faraday 5400)

a lone Simplex 2901-9500 (Faraday 6100) in the local history room

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A most interesting system, especially with the unusual combination of devices! Not sure I’ve ever seen/heard of a 2901-9500 either! (is it an AC version of the 2901-9838?)

You oughta try to save most of that if it’s ever replaced!

this building is not getting demolished anytime soon. but I will inform Old School Fire Alarms about this. I never knew a building this small could have a vintage fire alarm system. I also found some 1960s Johnson Control and Honeywell thermostats.

yes, the 2901–9500 is an AC 9838. I’m not sure what voltage the signaling devices operate at as I couldn’t see any labels.

I think this building had some component upgrades and replacements over the years (the gray 4040 was the only original signaling device I found (the others were probably replacements). I think the ESL smoke detectors were installed in the 70s or 80s (probably a code requirement for a national park.) and are on their own IDC.

Speaking of libraries, my local library got a fire alarm system upgrade!

Harry Bennett Library, Stamford, CT (built in 2000)

Original System:

  • Panel: Cerberus Pyrotronics MXL


  • Cerberus Pyrotronics MSI-20Bs


  • Wheelock E70s
  • One Gentex SSPK24

New System:


  • Fire-Lite ES-200x
  • Fire-Lite ECC 50/100


  • Fire-Lite BG-12s


  • Same as the previous system but the Gentex was removed

My local library used to have a Simplex 4002 with 2901-9838 horns on 4903-9105 strobe plates. Last year, they remodeled the entire library and added an addition. They replaced the system with a new addressable Siemens FA panel (I don’t know what kind). This is not surprising as Siemens is being used on almost all new systems in my area. The signals are rebranded wall mounted Wheelock led3 horn/strobes and remote strobes. There are also addressable Siemens smoke and heat detectors.

Greenwich Catholic School, Greenwich, CT:


  • ESL rebranded Audiosone/Sigcom/SK AU-360 voice evac panel
  • Silent Knight panel and backup panel


  • Fire-Lite BG-12s
  • Simplex 4251-20s in gym wing


  • SpectrAlert Advance Speaker Strobes
  • System Sensor SR Strobes
  • Simplex 2901-9806s on 2903 strobe plates in gym wing (my first time seeing those :grin:)

AMC Livonia 20 (Livonia)

<At least one Simplex 4603-9101
<Panel unknown, presumably a Simplex 4100 or 4120

<None noticed

Pull stations:
<Simplex 4099-9001 models behind STI Stopper II covers

Notification appliances:
<One Wheelock MT4 horn/strobe above a fire department sprinkler connection in the back (viewable in Street View)
<Red Simplex 4904-series strobes on the walls
<White Simplex 4902-series speakers on the ceilings

One of the churches in my area had what I believe was a Cerberus Pyrotronics MXL system. The system consisted of addressable smoke detectors, heat detectors, and pull stations. In the main chapel, there were s-hps-mcs-w speaker strobes and u-mcs-w remote strobes. Everywhere else in the building and the attached school, there were u-hn-mcs-w horn strobes and the same remote strobes. In the past couple of months, they upgraded to a new Autocall 4100es system with addressable smokes, heats, and pulls. The entire church building and the entire school building now have red conventional TrueAlert speaker strobes and remote strobes in place of the old speaker strobes, horn strobes, and remote strobes.

This will be a big update about a lot of systems:

Primavera Restaurant, North Salem, NY:

Panel: FA system is tied into security system

Pulls: BG-12s

Alarms: SpectrAlert Classics and one Advance

Detectors: i3s

Acme Markets, Greenwich, CT:
Panels: EST2 and a Fire-Lite MS-5012 that is not in service

Pulls: 270-SPOs and one SIGA-270

N/As: Edwards 202-5A-T strobes (evac message most likely plays over PA system speakers)

ShopRite, Stamford, CT:
Panel: Cerberus Pyrotronics/Siemens MXL

Pulls: Unknown (most likely Siemens MS-151s)

Alarms: U-MH-MCS and U-MCS strobes

Italian Center, Stamford, CT
Old System: Simplex 4208 (most likely)- removed in the 90s or 2000s
New System: Kidde rebranded EST3 (formerly an EST2 or EST3)


  • Old: Simplex “Local Alarm” Chevrons (one by gym door)- disconnected
  • New: Mirtone rebranded SIGA-278s


  • Old: Simplex 4051s (one painted over in pool)- disconnected
  • New: Mirtone rebranded Genesis speaker strobes
  • There is one -9833 in the fitness center


  • Edwards heat and smoke detectors

Those look more like Siemens u-mh-mcs’ they’re basically mini horn-strobes. I say that because they look to have those blue murata horns in them, like these

Cape May - Lewes Ferry Terminals

Both terminals have identical systems. For some reason all the initiating devices were replaced a few years ago, but the signals remained.

Panel: Unknown Siemens/Cerberus Pyrotronics Addressable Panel

Pulls: HMS-Ds (Likely replaced MSI-10Bs)

Detectors: OH921s (Replaced FP-11s)

Signals: UMMT-S17s and U-S17s

Ocean County Mall - Toms River, NJ

Panel: Unknown (Likely EST given the initiating devices)
Pulls: SIGA-278s
Detectors: SIGA-PSes (rebranded by ADT)
Signals: Wheelock ASes that are slowly being replaced by Exceeders

I haven’t been in these stores much to notice the devices, but I don’t see any in images online.

Main Mall Area
Panel: Simplex Addressable Panel (Likely a 4100ES or 4100U)
Pulls: Either 4099-9001s or 4099-9006s and a few recently added 4099-9004s
Detectors: Addressable TrueAlarms
Signals: TrueAlerts (White, both wall and ceiling mount) and at least 4 recently added TrueAlertESes (Red, wall mount)

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I may have posted this long ago, but maybe a fresh set of eyes can identify this FACP/annunicator? This is what used to be part of the local college I went to for the fire systems course. Obviously, by the time I got there, the system was long gone and replaced with a Multi Node Notifier system. The bells were Edwards 439s and Wheelock MBs, all 10".

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fanshawe (4)

Also a random other pic I found, sorry it is small, it wasn’t mine and from a ‘school condition assessment’ in my province. The website has been down for some time, but beforehand there was a public server with all these school condition assessments. Basically a thorough examination of the entire building and to assess whether to fix all the repairs needed or just close and build new. This was the reason why many FA systems in my area schools got replaced in the early and late 2000s. Beforehand you could find an abundance of cool, old and unique systems. Here are a few I have saved. Again, sorry for the quality.

-Rare Simplex 2001 panel,.

-Simplex 4246 FACP.

-A few different Edwards FACPs. Actually one on the top might be a Standard, Unelco or Cincinatti FACP, popular amonst my area as well before Edwards took over. Most schools had the standard single stroke bells or vibrating bells.


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Fairfield College Preparatory School, Fairfield, CT:

  • Panel: Simplex 4100U/ES
  • Voice Panel: Simplex 4003 (in cafeteria)


  • Simplex 2099-9757s
  • Simplex 2099-9754s (older and newer)


  • Simplex QuickAlert horn strobes
  • Simplex 4903 horn or speaker strobes
  • Simplex TrueAlert speaker strobes
  • Simplex TrueAlert horn strobes
  • Simplex TrueAlert strobes


  • Older Simplex detectors
  • TrueAlarms

Longhorn Steakhouse - Mays Landing, NJ

Panel: ADT Unimode 9050UD (ADT-ANN-80 Annunciator)

Pulls: ADT-BG-12LXes

Detectors: None

Signals: System Sensor P2Ws, PC2Ws, and SCWs