"Fire Alarms in Buildings" Forum

I hope I’m not alone when I say this, but the “Fire Alarms in Buildings” topic seems too annoying to view. So my suggestion is that Andrew should create a separate “Fire Alarms in Buildings” forum. Each member could have their own topic to post their descriptions and pictures about the buildings they see. This is especially useful since the topic is getting overflowed with short posts like small systems, or individual devices.

This is what it would look like:

*****'s Fire Alarm Pictures
**********'s Fire Alarm Updates
******'s Fire Alarm Descriptions

I know I’m going too deep with this, but it’s just a suggestion.

Maybe we could just do what we did with the alarm videos forum - only allow posts about buildings that have interesting/abnormal/unusual/unique systems. For example, something like this would not be OK:

[Wherever] has Fire-Lite BG-12LXs, System Sensor SpectrAlert Advances and a Fire-Lite MS-9200UDLS panel.

Something similar could also apply to the Emergency Drills thread.

Noted. U8oL0 has a nice point.