fire alarms NAs hanging on light fixture displays.

Have you seen them? The local Home Depot in my area has such. In the light fixture section there are two Gentex NAs hanging up on the thing where the light fixtures and ceiling fans are hung up and displayed. I find it an interesting setup.

I’ve seen an RSS attached to a wall mounted bookshelf in a library before.

Perhaps a rename to a more general topic, such as fire alarms installed on furniture.

I sure hope I’m never in the local Home Depot when the alarms go off, considering how many horns they have and how close together they are.

At least it’s better than FOUR horn/strobes facing four directions mounted on every other support beam in a K-Mart…

This is why they have ceiling mounted signals now.

I can do better than that!

L.L. Bean in Danbury, CT. Four Spectralert Advances on poles!

The local Home Depot has ceiling-mount Gentex Commander 4s placed 15 feet apart from each other in a grid arrangement. I remember someone somewhere had stated that the Home Depot in their area also had Gentex alarms.

The newer stores have Commander 4s now. I’ve seen a few of the older ones that have RSSs on the ceiling and MT horns on the support beams.

As for actually hanging them on the grid where the displays are… that’s kinda necessary since putting it above would severely limit strobe coverage. In order to actually get strobe coverage, they have to put it on the bottom.

I seen sprinklers built into shelving at a store. It was in the paint section, probably because of the extra flamability.

Edit: One of the older stores got a system replacement… went from MT horns on support beams and RSSs on the ceiling to SA Advances.

The local Home Depot has lots of horn/strobes that are pretty close together. The Target which is next to the Home Depot, on the other hand, has horns on the some of the support beams (just one horn on the poles) and white RSS strobes on the ceiling tiles. Much better!