Fire Alarms on Synths

On page 6 of the “You Know You Like Fire Alarms When” topic we talked about creating fire alarm sounds on keyboards/synthesizers. Here we can post them.

Here’s a simulated TrueAlert in C3, Marchtime and continuous.
Used a sine wave, then applied a pitch-mod filter to it.

Click here to watch Simulated-TrueAlert


Sounds really good! Almost like the real thing! Nice job!

That is a really nice, realistic sound! Here is mine of a Wheelock NS in code 3.

Bringing up an old topic here. I recently got a Yamaha PSS-680, and created a fire alarm-like sound. I had done this on my PSS-480, which I had several years ago. As you’ll hear, I was able to make it sound like a Wheelock EH alarm, or MT/AS with the 60 Hz modulation upped to 120Hz. Also made a very realistic Commander2/3/4 sound, and a not-so realistic TrueAlert.

Here’s the video.