fire alarms that sound like whistles.

Have you heard any? I have once. I think that is the most confusing sound I’ve heard of for a fire alarm.

The NS sounds exactly like a whistle.

What about the Wheelock AS and MT alarms? Those sound quite identical to a whistle.

A while ago, an admin at my school blew a whistle, and it sounded like a TrueAlert.

That’s weird, TrueAlerts don’t sound very whistle-like.

they were testing the system at a hotel connected to a mall i was at in california over spring break. they were ns’s in code 3. don’t recall the pulls. didny think it sounded that much like a whistle.

The Space Age VA4 horn/strobes sound rather whistle like, especially when in Continuous. This is why I am not a big fan of those alarms in Continuous (like at Massasoit College, where I requested to the campus facilities and fire alarm company to reprogram the campus alarm systems to Code-3; not sure if they did so yet)

Being realistic here… I know you will ignore me…

But … do you have any idea what it costs to have a tech or electrician on site?

Under what authority are you requesting the change? Do you have any state or local laws that you can cite as to why they should make the change? What makes the change worth it? If the system is preexisting they are under no legal obligation to change it. If they have a “newer” system on Code-3 I could almost bet my life they have the legal standing to do so.

How did you make your case to the college?

They are not just going to “do it” it cost them money so what would be your argument as to why they should or HAVE to do it?

By the way this issue is probably best suited for campus police. Chief Cummings would be your point of contact over there. I reckon he wont give a shit but they handle life safety on campus.

A newer system NOT on code three … :slight_smile: typoo

Somehow I knew you would ignore this Wiley lol.

Whistle while you work.

I have a whistle that sounds just like a fire alarm.