Fire Alert's fire alarm collection!

what AV’s should i buy

  • systemsensor
  • simplex
  • est

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[list=][/list]Hi, my system includes

1 Firelite MS-10UD

1 Firelite fcps-24FS6

1 Firelite ANN-80

2 Systemsensor classic

1 systemsensor spectralert advance

2 systemsensor L-series small

1 STI stopper 2

1 BG-10

1 A D T with simplex lock moddle= :?:

1 Firelite BG-12

2 systemsensor i3 2wb

1 systemsensor duct detector and key switch

2 systemsensor co detector

1 100ft 16-2 FPLR plenum wire


1 simplex duct detector key switch

1 systemsensor cosmod module and detector


Really nice collection that you have so far! I look forward to see what else you add to it!

As for the poll, I voted Simplex but then again I’m biased. :smiley: