Fire drill at a mall.

Does anyone have a link to a youtube video where they were attempting to do a fire drill at a mall and it didn’t work out well? I saw it once, and there was once a link to it in this forum, but it got lost.

That would be the Providence Place Mall. That video was posted to a channel run by a local news station, but the channel either took it down or made the vid private.

That always happens to me. So, for now on, I stay logged into YouTube, and I just look back in my history if I can’t find a video. You should try it, it is also more convenient to leave comments.

That video just shows how people have a large tendency to ignore fire alarms when they go off. Especially in buildings other than schools and colleges.

Besides malls, the worst places are churches. They always just keep singing, and doing what they are doing. They thing fire alarms are a joke, just because they don’t smell anything.

Well, I believe the main reason for that is because they’re the ones who set it off, either by candles or incense. This happens quite often, especially when the incense is used excessively and triggers the detectors. Besides, when they shut the alarm off and see no other activations, that confirms it was them who set it off. Plus, most churches have “local” alarm systems, so emergency services don’t get dispatched.

I had no idea that malls ever conducted fire drills before I saw that video. I know there is a library in my area that does fire drills, but I don’t think any malls in my area do.

I can understand when they set it off during a party, or shower, or whatever, been I have seen a lot of videos where it is pulled during ceremonies or normal church services, and they just ignore it. Sometimes you can tell that they have no idea if it is real or not. Anyway, regardless is emergency services are dispatched or not, they should still leave the building when the alarm sounds.

The mall in my area just sets off the alarm system no warning but they silence it right away

It’s probably a false alarm. I have never heard my mall’s fire alarm system, but my mom has when she was there one day. My mall has mostly Wheelock MTs, but there is also an AS, and a few NSs. I bet it would sound interesting, especially with the echo.

The church my father goes to isn’t local alarm, but that might be because its also a high school (Bishop Keogh High School). The alarms on Integrities.

I never knew that either. Does anyone know about which buildings are actually supposed to conduct fire drills? I know my moms work does them monthly. She works at a nursing home, so it makes sense why they needa do them.

With the malls, I have been to my local mall when there was a false alarm. No one evacutated at all. The same with my workplace. The alarm was pulled, but yet no one evacuated. I think its just because most people don’t actually realize that the fire alarms going off, or don’t know what to do. At my work, when it went off, people and the employees didn’t even know what to do, most of them were still working.

A library around where I live also does fire alarms. I have never been in the library during a fire drill but a friend that was there when it happened said that they do. The signals are speaker/strobes from Gentex.

Not a drill, but here’s a video I shot today of fire alarm testing at Westgate Mall (I think this was because the main restrooms and a store were being renovated); they were testing individual stores at a time (this one had a Wheelock RSS strobe in the kitchen/cashier area of the snack/pretzel shop, and what sounded like either a Wheelock NS or Exceder in the back room.)

But one store I heard being tested had SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes. OUCH!

I wouldn’t wish SpectAlert Advanced Speaker/Strobes on ANYBODY.