Fire Drills 2014-2015 School Year

Well, must i explain how this works? :roll:

I will Post my schools when we have one…

9/11/14: Fire drill during E period. We were playing Ultimate Frisbee outside when we heard the fire alarm go off (TrueAlerts in continuous). Then, we stopped and walked to the assembly area.

Hey, at least we didn’t have a lockdown drill on 9/11! Just saying.

Well, I haven’t been in school for a while, but every once in a while the alarms go off at work if that counts. :lol:

Yesterday I had a fire drill right when the teacher was handing out the tests. :lol:

These were the alarms in the whole school:

Wheelock Exceder (the new hallways, classrooms, and bathrooms)

Spectralert Advance (probably 80% of the school)

Gentex GXS (in a few of the bathrooms)

Spectralert Classic (the rest of the classrooms, locker rooms, and locker hallways)

A while ago the elementary next to my school had a fire drill. I was walking to another class (It’s an open campus, I was on my way to a different building) when suddenly I head a 7002T… In code 3! (Both the elementary and high school have a 7002T mounted outside) Then I heard the elementary’s Exceeder and MT’s in continuous. (For whatever reason) Then, a few days later, the high school had its fire drill. I was in the computer room, when I heard a low, barely audible buzzing noise. It turned out it was one of the FCI-HP horns that my school has, but it wasn’t that loud. As I walked outside I heard our 7002T doing a very sick continuous. THEN not too long ago Silco came to our school to test the suppression system. During that they tested the alarms, and I started recording. I accidentally was in a call, and no audio was recorded… :frowning:

What?? You use ABC instead of 123??

I would have sh*t myself…

BUT we had some guy playing Muslim music in his car while wearing a Turbin…Right beside the lunch area outside…

Guess what. On 9/11/14 at my high school, we had a scary situation. In my school we have two buildings, the main building and the new building (we call the new building “new” because it was built in 2010). So I was in the new building and the new building has three floors. During 5th period walking on the second floor, I was in the halls to go get water, and all of a sudden I smell a strong burning plastic smell. So with my adrenaline starting to pump plus my knowledge of fire and fire evacuations, I start to look for the closest extinguisher and I grab it. After that I roam the second floor only to find that the Hvac was spitting smoke. Now in my mind I was going crazy on WTF was going on. Anyways I ran to the fire alarm and pulled it. Soon after on the first floor came in my schools head of security plus two other security guards and the three school police. As soon as they came into the building, they didn’t even need to ask me what was going on as the building was filling up with smoke but a lot less since the fire alarm was activated and it shut down the Hvac. So during the commotion I gave the fire extinguisher to one of the school police and then I left to the evacuation area. 4 minutes past and the school was evacuated and then 3 fire trucks 1 fire helicopter and two other metro police showed up. 30 minutes past and everyone that’s was in the new building was moved into the main buildings auditorium and gym while the schedule stayed at 5th period the rest of the day so we didn’t move to 6th. Once school was over I passed by the office to talk to the head of maintenance and ask him what happened. So what eventually happened was, During 5th period they were working on the Hvac and somehow their was a leak on one of the gas lines near the machine which got ignited and started to burn it’s surroundings. Now that was a scary 9/11 for me.

My high school had a false alarm on Wednesday the 10th at around 9:20 AM, and then a planned fire drill on Friday the 12th at 8:35 AM.

What alarm was it?

Damn, Thats one hell of a day

Today at 8:44 we had out first one of the year. I was showing my friend a video of a spectralert classic in code 3 the fire alarm a (a spsctralert classic in code ) Went off and I was rapidly pressing the sound down button on the computer when the teacher said oh yea we are having a fire drill right now.

Why do they tell you when fire drills are happening? They are supposed to be a surprise.

It’s commonplace to tell everyone, they just want people to know what to do in case of an evacuation. They don’t want to cause undo panic.

I had a fire drill at Pankow during lunch at 10:55 AM.

Usually they don’t do them at lunch unless they have to… o_o

During my lunch, there were other classes going on, so we did the drill.

They were testing the fire alarm and sprinkler system at the Walmart I work at today, so it kept going off a few times. Fortunately they had announced about it in advance, to avoid any panic or unnecessary evacuation. They were pretty loud and obnoxious in a few parts of the building (SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes on Code-3, system is a Fire-Lite MS-9600UDLS installed early this year during a remodel), but in the break room it wasn’t that bad, even with a horn/strobe in it! (Must’ve been on low volume.)

When the alarms would start up, they would have a fourth blast among initially sounding, before resuming in the normal Temporal coding. Anyone know why that happens? (I’ve only heard it happen with SpectrAlert Advances for some reason.)

A few other associates told me the old alarms they had prior to the upgrade (Wheelock MT-24-WM horn/strobes on Continuous) were actually worse than what they have now.

Hmm, maybe I should now get a SpectrAlert Advance for my fire alarm collection? I do see them in many places nowadays…

Here’s an odd thing about the Spectralerts at my school:

The Spectralert Classic’s candella is higher, but it isn’t loud.

The Spectralert Advance’s candella was lower, but MUCH louder.

Haven’t seen the rest of the school’s fire alarms go off, since I’m new there.

P.S. During the drill, I heard a lot of people got bitten by fire ants. I got bitten by mosquitos. :evil:

Uggh… fire ants are terrible. Luckily the mosquitoes around here haven’t been bad because of how dry it’s been.

Anyways, back to the subject at hand… :mrgreen:

I once got bit by fire ants during a fire drill… My teacher did too along with 90% of my class…