Fire Drills For Everybody

When I say “Fire Drills For Everybody”, I mean for everyone to see. Since the system in Lawrence High is so diverse, I thought it would be a shame not to get videos of the older and newer parts of the system. So far I have been through and havve recorded the monthly fire drills for September & October:

September 12, 2014:

[YouTube]My High School Fire Drill - 10/10/14 - YouTube[/YouTube]

October 10, 2014:

[YouTube]My High School Fire Drill - 9/12/14 - YouTube[/YouTube]

No hard feeling but I ended up having to post the whole thing again since I could edit it after posting it the first time.( :x I really hate the limits for how long or how many edits you can you can make before you can’t :x ) Reason why I had to edit the first post was because I’m new here and I already forgot the proper formatting for ytube videos.

Anyway, the videos take 2:

September 12, 2014:


Pretty funny statement about marchtime signalling in this video.

October 10, 2014:


The 46T-G10-24-WS-24 strobes flash pretty fast

December (12/15/14):


We see 3 46T-G10-24-WS-24’s and an EST G1RF-HDVM (Temporal)