Fire Drills, Severe Weather Drills, Lockdowns, Evacuation Drills for the 2023-2024 School Year

So, today as I was coming in to the building, the system was in alarm. It Wasn’t planned, and I think this is the same detector that activated in December. From what I was told, it is in a restroom, and an air freshener keeps setting it off.

They should have the air freshener at least 6 feet away from the detector so it’s mist won’t get caught in the detector’s vent and would spray from another direction if it causes false alarm.

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It could have been an air freshener, or it could have been someone vaping in that bathroom. It is a single stall bathroom, and it is in the in school suspension room.

We are about to have a lockdown drill in like 3 minutes

It happened again yesterday. I think they need to replace the detector in that bathroom with a heat detector.

An update on the bathroom situation: I talked to our building engineer, and he said that they are doing an experiment by sealing off that bathroom for the week, to see if it is the detector itself. So I will update you with the results.

Around the 13th, we had our February fire drill, during 4th period while I was in the cafeteria on an off-period. For some reason this drill (and the Janaury one) were pre-announced, which is not the usual procedure, and they even let us just walk out before the drill started (there were only a few of us in the entire cafeteria).
During both drills, I was in our cafeteria building which, as I was pleasantly surprised to find out, has first-gen EST genesis’. Even though they have a flat tone, they were still extremely loud. It just really confused me because the rest of the buildings have horns with the regular genesis sound, despite it all being installed at the same time. Outdoor devices are the same, though. Super beat-up Integrity remote horns and horn-strobes like on the other buildings, and all synchronized.

Either way, both fire drills were relatively uneventful, the system worked correctly, and our February fire drill was somehow as short as 3(ish) minutes from alarm activation to the all clear.

I Had a Lockdown Drill
Last Friday

Today was NOT a drill. The PSAT tests are today, so they wouldn’t have a drill, and it’s also April. Luckily the weather was nice though!

Had a lockdown/fire drill yesterday. went quite well i must say. The system is an esser iq8 addressable system but it also has a bosch PA/voice alarm hooked to it. If the alarm goes off, the roshni’s in the hall will go off, the KAC enscapes will go off in the addition aswell as all the PA speakers. mind you all the different types of sounder and voice evac have different tones so its quite a mess. One thing they did new this drill was to add czech to the voice announcment as it was currently just english(i dont live in croatia anymore) also i found the tones what my school uses for voice evac. I wish to upload it here but unfortunately TFP doesnt support sound files.
EDIT: this the fire tone on the bosch evac this is the lockdown tone if you wish to listen to it

You can upload it to then copy it’s link and paste it here.

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Drill Today, My third period teacher was in the middle of saying there was a drill this period, when the alarm interrupted him while he was saying that.

Fun fact, because there are 9838 Horns attached to the portable system (Which has Smart Sync TrueAlerts), you can hear the Sync Module sending the sync signal and even hear the 4 Bit “Go” Code that SmartSync produces, (As it sounds like FWR for a little second before a flash)


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My school might be having a fire drill soon, so stay tuned for any updates!

Well, well, well! My school had their fire drill today! (see previous post)

It was around 8:40 a.m. and we were working on some foldable notes on speed, velocity, and acceleration during Science class. All of a sudden, the SpectrAlert Advance alarms began sounding! I then evacuated the school building with my class, and stayed outside until the “All Clear” signal and we entered the school, resuming our Science class. My ears were ringing after the drill ended due to the loud volume of those SpectrAlerts!

My school had an “Emergency Evacuation Drill” today. According to my teacher, our school is very behind on fire drills and this is supposed to make up for one. I don’t really think this should be considered a make-up because they didn’t sound the alarms. I’m actually kind of disappointed in my school’s staff for doing this.

I think the superintendent and/or school board should know about it so they can make sure the school does them every month.

If they do something like this again, I definitely will. I’m hoping this was just a one-off thing. I think the person that knows how to use the FACP was busy dealing with one of the boilers that leaked and flooded a couple rooms over the weekend.

My school had their last Fire Drill on May 6th. Sadly, I missed the drill because I was on a field trip with my class- no more fire drills this year!