Fire Drills, Severe Weather Drills, Lockdowns, Evacuation Drills for the 2023-2024 School Year

You know the Drill! (Bad Pun)

I’ve already started school in my district, and I know many others will start soon, and that means that our favorite things are back, Emergency Drills!

Here, you can talk about Disaster prevenction and Emergency drill that happens at your school or your workplace.

But first, these drills are to practice if such an event would occour, so please Pay attention to your teachers,Emergency Services (If on Campus) and the Incident Commander. As a person that as dealt with Evacuations in the past, The Drills Do Pay Off.

Zach has some good points from last year that I want to mention.

If an actual Incident happens, remain calm and stay safe, follow Staff/Emergency Services/Incident Commander instuctions and take the proper actions.

But feel free to do post your Stories of Drills and Incidents this year!

(Speaking of, I have one Tomorrow lol)


My school district has their first day of school next Monday and we’ll probably have our first fire drill shortly after. I’ll update when my school conducts the first fire drill

“… and that means that our favorite things are back, Emergency Drills!” Do people actually get excited over it? To me its an excuse to record but to be honest I’ve stopped doing that.


I’ll see what i can do to keep you posted, but i may be walking under the protection of a brand new 4100ES this year.

I was kind of being sarcastic for the most part there, I just think as drills as something to look forward to that day.

Thursday my school had its first fire drill, I did go to school with @MrFireAlarm, however, since he has moved on in his educational journey. I will document drills for this system.

I was in my Geometry Classroom, placing some papers in the basket. Since this drill was pre announced earlier in the day, I knew to expect the NS’es to go off around 10 AM.

As expected, the system activated at 9:58 AM, I quickly set the papers in the basket, grabbed my sunglasses from my desk (my desk is right by my periods basket), and grabbed the emergency folder as instructed by my teacher. Being one of the first persons in the hallway, I glanced down, watching the unsynchronized strobes flash like lighting down the hallway, with office staff members standing throughout the hallway monitoring drills. As I entered the courtyard, I placed my sunglasses on my face, and glanced at my watch, the time being 9:59:23. Passing the second hallway, I glanced down as students came flooding out of it, watching the strobe lights flash again. Passing the school restrooms, I could hear the GX-90s, and saw the strobe flashing from under the door. Since all of the staff who do not have classes hang out near the office during drills, I walked by, hearing the 7002ts on continuous. Once outside, I waited for the entire class to line up, and when directed, I displayed the emergency folder with the “All Clear” sign. About 2 minutes later, the system was silenced and reset, and we reentered the building.

If you are interested, my campus has had multiple evacuations in the last 2 years, requiring Fire Department investigation. There is also a post on here with all of the devices on the system.


My school starts next week Wednesday. It is a Simplex 4100u voice evac system so I love drills and don’t ever have to worry about getting jump scared because it is very quiet and the only horns on the entire system are outside (on continuous, oddly, as this is a fairly new system from 2008 with the outdoor horns being added around 2018).

Today when driving to the Marshfield Fair, I drove by a building in downtown Brockton with its’ fire alarms going off! I heard what sounded like EST Genesis horn/strobes and at least one SpectrAlert Advance or L-series horn/strobe in the mix. Or maybe the former were actually smoke alarms with sounder bases, since this building has stores and businesses on the first floor and apartments on the upper floors.
I know August is definitely the fire alarm season in my area (Back To School and all), but this was most likely NOT a drill or a test. Traffic was slow on that street due to there being multiple fire trucks parked outside; I guess someone must’ve burnt food in one of the apartments or something.

I was at Cadillac High School for driver’s education and there was an announcement that there was going to be a fire drill. This building has addressable TrueAlert horn strobes so I new it would be loud. Luckily for me class was released before the alarms went off, so I made it out right before they sounded.

Some guy at a local Boscov’s was doing work with the ethernet and accidentally shorted a wire, tripping the fire alarm.

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** update ** well it finally happened, my school conducted their first fire evac. It happened in 7th period

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My school did their first ever fire drill today, guided by the principal over the PA system. The alarms are Advances, the panel is a MS-5UD, and the pulls are BG-12s (and some BG-10s and 270-SPOs.) The drill occurred during second period science.

5UD for a school? what was there before?

  • It is a smaller school built in the 60s
  • The old panel was some sort of a 60s Edwards panel

Yeah that’s what I’m saying

My school had their first fire drill the other day but my school never announces it to the students but when the alarms go off (EST Genisis speaker/strobes) The teachers will say this is a drill.

I thought you graduated from school?

im a senior in high school but i also think that they do fire drills in collage dont they?

Update: No 4100ES, but that only makes it more likely to happen next year.