Fire Drills, Severe Weather Drills, Lockdowns for the 2016-2017 School year

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School is starting soon! (Groan) :lol:

So I thought I would make a new topic in continuation of my highly successful post “Fire Drills, Severe Weather Drills, Lockdowns for the 2015-2016 School year” for the new school year.

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Fire Drill | September 23rd, 2016 | Scheduled Time: 1:25 PM | Actual Time: 1:28 PM | Between Periods Five and Six

Our first fire drill of the year, and also my first time hearing the fire alarm system at my high school in action.

I’m expecting we’ll have another one later this week (probably Thursday).

In this case, bumping is allowed since this is an open-ended topic. It just hasn’t picked up much steam yet, since the school year is just beginning.

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I started school on August 31, 2016 and since then I’ve already had two drills

Drill 1- September 9, 2016 This was at approximately 1:40 PM during 6th hour

Drill 2- September 20, 2016 Second drill of the year happened at 9:05 AM

Looks like my school is trying to get drills out of the way as soon as possible judging by the spacing of the first two drills. State law in my state says you must do 5 drills a year and 3 have to be before December.

Started school August 13 and my school has a EST 3 system.

False Alarm 1: August 14th all day due to a panel failure

Drill: August 18th at 10am to test the new GE/EST 3 panel

False Alarm: September 12th all day due to construction for our new gym.

Dill: September 27th at 10:30am

Texas requires the first two must be performed within the first two weeks of school.

I believe my dad has done two at the school he works at.

Only 5? Man, New York requires 12, 8 before December. Back when I was in high school, we’d have 2-4 a day. Let’s just say that I had a migraine at the end of those days. Even colleges have to have 2/building/semester in the dorms and 1/building/semester elsewhere.

I believe that Minnesota requires five per year (might have been reduced to four), for elementary schools, four for middle schools, and three for high schools. The first drill must be completed within the first ten days of school (which didn’t happen at my school this year, due to a number of things that have happened here recently).

Florida requires 10 fire drills per year, 2 within the first 2 weeks of classes, then 1 per month. Severe Weather Drills are required once a semester in Florida.

North Carolina requires one fire drill every 30 days, with the first drill occurring within the first five days of school. Our district also requires a “mock” drill for all elementary schools before the first formal drill. The mock drill simply consists of an announcement stating “This is a Fire Drill. Please evacuate the building”. I always liked the mock drills because they are “dress rehearsals” for the formal drill, which was usually scheduled for the next day around 10:00 AM, and they also help the younger kids to keep themselves contained when the NACs energize :smiley: .

Here’s the first 2 of this year for me.

August: 8-17-16 High School Fire Drill #1 - YouTube

September 9-23-16 High School Fire Drill Audio - YouTube

DiD you ever figure out what that weird buzzing sound was?

Fire Drill: 6th Period 2:25PM 10/31/16

Drill HAD to be done today because it was the end of the month and in Florida its required 1 every month or there like some outrageous fine or there has to be a pretty damn good reason you didn’t have one.

Fire Drill | November 2nd, 2016 | Scheduled Time: 7:45 AM | Actual Time: 7:51 AM | Period One (PE)

Today we had a false alarm activation around 9AM. Several kids throwing around a tennis ball in the hallway struck and activated a BG-10 pull station. Quick FD response, we were back inside within 10 minutes.

That takes talent… :lol:

I don’t know if that is talent or dumb luck.

IIRC The BG-10 has a lift and pull cover, I think its talent! :lol:

The BG-10 is dual action, so normally its just “push-in then pull-down” to operate. By the way he described, it I’m pretty sure the kid actually broke the station because he said the front of it “fell down.” I’d just call it stupidity, since he’s now facing the bill for the FD response.

Reminds me of the time in 9th grade when we were in PE class and we were doing an activity where we were bouncing a ball off the wall. There was a wall mount sprinkler there I was so worried it would get smashed and set off the fire alarm (3 9838s on 4901 strobe plates) off.