Fire Extinguishers Can Now Fit in Single Gang Boxes!

Just kidding, the box was recently installed (this week), and the fire extinguisher is located in a locker next to the support beam.

But in all seriousness, in a fire you wouldn’t want to waste any time finding a fire extinguisher. Just another reason to be careful where you put life safety equipment.

The reason why is theres a lighter and a firecracker in there to try and extinguish the fire by explosion! :smiley:

It appears autocorrect screamed up what you were saying. Can you please clarify?

Oh the irony.

The single gang box was so small that I was claiming theres a lighter and a firecracker in there to throw into a fire to extinguish it. The explosion from the firecracker snuffing out the fire.

You would think there should be another sign on the locker itself indicating the location of the extinguisher.

Yes, I noticed that before I hit [Submit], but it was too funny to change back to “screwed up” so I kept it!

Yeah, you would. At least it isn’t as bad as this:

Oh, by the way, Simplex is first to release a literal agent release pull - you pull it, and the agent sprays out of the pull! (If you look closely, you can see the original sign was replaced, as the T-Bar covered it slightly.)

Yeah, something like this:

Yeah, let’s paint the locker with the fire extinguisher red to match the other red lockers!

Of course the photo hosting service deleted the photos, now new people (to this topic) won’t know know what we were talking about.

It appears to have fixed itself. Anyways, painting the locker with the fire extinguisher red won’t do any good against the other red lockers. Time to re-repaint them!

I asked one of the contractors there (my school is going under a massive renovation), and he said that the boxes are for thermostats.