Fire Extinguishers/Suppression Systems in Buildings

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After going through the topic ‘Fire Alarm in Buildings topic’, I decided to make one for fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems. Feel free to post what you see in the field!

I’ll start it off:
At a local Meijer (for those of you who don’t have them, they’re basically a Kroger) they mostly have older 10lb Amerex ABC extinguishers located on about every 2 or so pillar but where the clothing area is, they have 2.5 gallon Amerex Water extinguishers oddly enough. Most of the Amerex extinguishers have a considerable amount of rust on them and I’m surprised they haven’t been replaced. I’m having problems posting pictures right now but I will once I work the bugs out.

I have made this topic a sticky.

Weston Town Hall - Weston, MA
System location: Storage vault in basement
Because the vault is locked, I only can give limited details.
The panel is a Fike SHP and the pull stations are RSG RMS-1T’s.

Signals are most likely SpectrAlert Advance horn/strobes (there’s a remote strobe outside.)

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UMass Boston - Quinn Administration Building - Boston, MA
System location: Network/server room known as Infrastructure Hub/iHUB
The panel is an Ansul AutoPulse IQ-318 (which is a rebranded Notifier NFS-320).

The outside signal is an L-Series remote strobe.

The pulls are rebranded Sigcom SG-32-series.