Fire-Lite Alarms MS-9600 Fire Alarm Control Panel LCD/Keypad board question

Greetings!, NOTIFIERgeek here, I had a question about a Fire-Lite MS-9600 I got. Does the keypad with the LCD screen and the buttons for 'Ack" “Silence” “Reset” attach to the main board? because mine doesn’t have it attached. The LCD board/keypad has soome cables on the back of it, I just don’t know were they go, or where the LCD board mounts to the main board. Can anyone help me out?

Look at the systems connections diagram on page 10 of this manual, it may help you find your answer.

Thanks for the manual! That helps!!

On the Fire-Lite MS-92xx, 96xx, Notifier NFW-100 & NFW2-100, the keypad sits atop the motherboard by three stand-offs. The keypad and LCD is all one assembly and there is a ribbon cable that comes out and plugs in to the motherboard.

That’s what I wanted to hear! Thank you for the information!