Fire-Lite and Simplex Slow Whoop ?...

Hello. I am doing a project and was wondering if some one new the start and stop frequencys of the Fire-Lite(Sesniscan 1000 style) and the Simplex 4003.

Are you doing it in Audacity? I did mine by making a two second long sawtooth chirp from 500Hz to 1KHz. It’s not perfect, but it works.

Yep lol. Close. I cant seem to get the spectrum close enough on the Fire-Lite

Using my video as a reference?

From The Field: Rare Fire-Lite Sensiscan 1000 - YouTube

I also have a video of a Notifier system doing a slow whoop too.

From The Field: ONYX Voice Evac Slow Whoop - YouTube

Fire-Lite used that slow whoop tone for a while, until recently. They used to have the sound files on their website but I can’t find them.

Did you check destin’s website?


Yeah, i like the old one better

Everything is mixed up…And its not labeld