Fire lite ANN-80 Annunciator compatibility

I have a Notifier SFP-5UD and am wondering if it is compatible with the Fire lite ANN-80 Annunciator. Since both panels the fire lite and notifier SFP-5ud and the MS-5UD are pretty much the same unit just rebranded to each division. Would it work.

Yes, it will work.

Fire Lite also has a ANN-80-W (Only difference is it is white in color, instead of red.) and it will work as well.

Hope this helps.

Ok thanks.

No problem, if you have any other questions regarding your panel/annunciator feel free to either PM me

Does anyone know if a ANN-80 Firelite Annunciator is compatible with the MS5210UD panel? The LED 10 series annunciator is bad but I can’t find parts for it nor can I find information regarding its replacement part.

No, it is not. The MS5210UD is only compatible with the LED-10, LDM-32F, and ACS series annunciators. The ANN-80 was designed for Fire-Lite panels with displays like the MS-5UD, MS9200 and MS9600. The MS5210UD and the other series panels don’t share and transfer the same data. Panels like the MS-5UD carry LCD data and have programmable system names and other display settings. To make it short, the display transfers are different and incompatible. The MS5210UD has a 4 digit LCD, where as the other modern panels allow 80 characters.