Fire lite annunciator at Target says "trouble pull station guest service".

Apparently the local Target has a pull station in the guest service area that is not visible in the customer area. The store has no visible pulls in the customer area.

A trouble indication for a specific device usually means that communication was lost between the panel and that device. This can be caused by damaged wiring.

In some Targets, the guest service area is L-shaped and not fully visible from public areas.

Yes. When I was walking by the entrance to the Target store the annunciator was screaming and the trouble light was flashing and it said “trouble in system”. I later went over in the area again and the annunciator was no longer screaming and it said “trouble pull station guest service”.

If the beeping has stopped, that means the trouble was acknowledged.

Many annunciators display information across multiple “pages” - after a few seconds it displays the next page, and so on.