Fire lite MS-2 strobe hack?

I saw one of NewAgeServerAlarm’s mini system tests where he hooked up a system sensor MASS using “Dan M’s strobe hack” by taking the resettable power, and wiring it to the alarm relay. Does anyone know how to wire it up?

While I don’t own a Fire-Lite MS-2, I’m pretty sure I know how it would be done on ANY kind of panel:

#1: Connect a pair of wires to the resettable power terminals

#2: Hook one of the wires to one of the alarm relay’s terminals. Leave the other disconnected for now

#3: Hook the alarm’s strobe to a pair of wires and then connect one of the wires to the other terminal on the alarm relay (make sure the polarity is the same for both wires, positive to positive or negative to negative)

#4: Connect the two remaining wires (one from the alarm’s strobe, the other from the resettable power) together with a wire nut

#5: That should be it. When the panel goes into alarm, the alarm relay closes allowing power from the resettable power terminals to power the strobe. When you push “Silence”, the alarm NAC (which the audible signal should be hooked to in the normal way) silences but the resettable power stays on, allowing the strobe to keep flashing until you reset, at which point the alarm relay opens cutting off power to the strobe.