Fire-Lite Wiring Help

I could use some advice from the many experts here. I’m having some issues with my NAC circuits. Here is my setup:

3 wide open empty buildings all interconnected. In essence 3 zones.

Fire-lite MS-5UD installed in front of main building. FCPS-24FS6 in rear of main building as slave.

2 NAC circuits going to MS-5UD. 4 NAC circuits going to slave. (2 NAC’s in each building)

Here is the problem. When setting off the alarm all of the strobes and horn/strobes should be going off but they are not. I’ve been over the manual countless times checking to see if I have the jumpers right etc. Both of the NAC’s on the main panel work just fine. The slave panel only NAC1 and NAC4 are working. NAC2 and NAC3 are not even trying to put out anything.

On the FCPS-24FS6 this is what I have:





OUT1- (Resistor connected here to + and -)

OUT1+ (connected to the OUT-)

IN1- (Jumpered to SYNC IN- & A wire runs back to the main panel from remote sync output)

IN1+ (Jumpered to SYNC IN+ & A wire runs back to the main panel from remote sync output)



My dip switches are :


2 ON

3 ON






Horns and Horn Strobes are SR for horn and P2R for horn strobes both by System Sensor

Is anyone aware of what it takes to make sure all 4 NACS are signaling? Did I miss a setting or configure something wrong???

Please let me know if you need any additional information, pictures, or whatever else to help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi affmsgs,

It appears the problem is isolated to the FCPS-24FS6 if all functions on the main panel are operating correctly. Do either of the panels show any trouble conditions?

When you said NAC 2 and NAC 3 are “not trying” to output anything, does this mean you have tested them with a multi-meter?

It would be helpful if you could take a picture of the terminal connections for both the NAC Output Terminal (TB4) and the Input Terminal (TB3) so we can get a better idea of what is going on in the system. In addition, a description of exactly how the main panel is wired to the slave unit would help.

For now, make sure the proper authorities and personnel are notified about the fire alarm system being out-of-service. A fire watch is more typically used for the loss of the fire detection ability of a system, but check with your local jurisdiction to make sure the proper actions are taken.

verify correct polarity of the input circuit on the booster. When the nac’s on the facp are not active, you should see a reverse polarity supervisory voltage on the input. eg: - 8v with a meter probing red to red and black to black. I have seen this reversed. and it will not fire when the Facp nacs go active.

Hopefully that made sense.

Like kcin556, I am curious to know if there are any troubles on the system relating to NACs. However, we have not received any answers from affmsgs.

The settings and wiring that affmsgs says are in place, all circuits are being controlled by input 1. Since circuits 1 and 4 do activate that seems to indicate the connection to the main panel is correct. If it were not those circuits would not activate.

I would check the voltage across the 4 output NACs in supervisory standby. They should be very close to the same. If circuits 2 and 3 have much less voltage across them that indicates there might be a bad device. Also one or more devices could be connected backwards. That would look like a short to the panel. Most modern panels will not turn on a NAC that is in short condition. That should also create a trouble but we do not have that information.

Wow, I must have really been out of it when I posted that. I read it as panel nacs were activating but the booster wasn’t. :oops:

While Firelite is not my strong point, check the booster panel jumper settings. It almost sounds like the booster is setup for class A circuits (out 1 & 2 is one circuit, 3 & 4 is the other). If the circuits are open, all 4 terminals (if class A) should activate on alarm.

Sounds to me like you have a bad FCPS. Better replace it and send the bad one to Fire-Lite for warranty replacement.

Class A, or now called Style Z, requires an additional module be added, a ZNAC-4.

Correct – on most Fire-Lite systems you need a Class A adapter board to change circuits from Class B to Class A. Some of them did have a function where you could combine 2 circuits to make a Class A circuit but this was very uncommon.

When the FCPS is not in alarm and there are no troubles on it, do NACs 2 and 3 output supervisory voltage?

I still think you have a bad FCPS though. You have it configured for default operation and wired correctly. so it SHOULD be working…