Fire & other emergency drills 2021-2022

It’s that time of year again. Without further ado, here’s the topic.

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Had our first lockdown drill yesterday. It was actually my first one for me at my HS as we didn’t do any drills for anything last year, which was my freshman year! The drill only lasted 3 minutes and the date and time was never told to students and staff (only a select couple of teachers knew about it) I happened to know one of those teachers and they just blatantly told the class “oh hey this is what’s happening on Friday…” So when it was about to start I started recording the audio (attached below)! Our PA is a Dukane by Carehawk system and is a great system for emergency communication! If anyone can identify where I can find the lockdown tone heard in the audio that would be great!
Overall the drill went well despite the fact that pretty much no one was informed of it happening and some classes ended up evacuating…which the administration actually ended up applauding! I still think they should have let everyone know before hand that this was happening as its kind of a serious thing people can get freaked out about.

Feel free to leave your thoughts below!
Oh and our next drill is on Wednesday at an unknown time and i’m also unsure if its a fire or weather drill. Ill try to find out

Link to audio (sorry its kinda choppy I was recording it on my Chromebook via an online recorder)

i had a false fire alarm 10 minutes after school yesterday, i was waiting for my parents but the genesis went off and we were asked to go to the trees, and what my principal said in the email is either someone set it off or probably the smoke detectors set it off

btw just had our first lockdown drill of the year on monday during 6th period, although we often did the different kinds of drills last year during enrichment, which is right after 3rd period, except for the last fire drill of last year, which is actually during 7th period

also my first fire drill of the school year, which is on august 30th, did also happen during 6th period

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Fire Drill #3 (again) - Friday, October 9th, 2021 during 7th period

just had another fire drill just before the end of school today, they surprisingly did this during fire prevention week and i saw that today’s the 150th anniversary of that fire in chicago. i think the teachers were like: “since this week’s fire prevention week, we should be having a fire drill this afternoon. why not?”. well, i was taking my english test. when i was halfway through the test, i suddenly heard a click from the genesis and we just jumped out of our desks when i heard the sound. so we lost almost five minutes all because of that drill that i didn’t get a chance to finish that test yet. so it means that we’ve already had our third safety drill in just two weeks! wow!