Fire panel output types


I have an application, a parking space, where i need to detect fire and to sound an outdoor alarm, some indoor sirens and to start the fans of the ventilation system.

My addressable fire panel has the following types of outputs:

  1. One FIRE ALARM OUTPUT - Non-Supervised:
  2. One NAC FIRE ALARM OUTPUT - Supervised
  3. Eight Programmable—Supervised ALARM Outputs
  4. Eight Programmable—NON Supervised ALARM Outputs
  5. Three NAC Supervised Outputs.

    I found that there is another possibility, 6. to use an I/O Module which i can wire in my loop.

    I just started in this field, i don’t know which type of outputs should i use for my devices (outdoor siren, indoor sirens and to start the fans).

    Can anybody tell me for each type, what would be the best way to use them?

What type of panel (make/model) do you have?

  • Any siren/audio visual devices will be your Nac outputs. These will all usually fire in general alarm.

    -Any fan’s/shutdowns will need to have interface relays to be connected to the FAS (I can give you specifics on that but need to know what type of system).

    As for the I/O, I believe will be you FA output; sup outputs could suffice, given the proper programming makes the desired accessory component do what you want, i.e. function in general alarm. Given your 1 and only FA output you would need to rely on those to run multiple fans/accessory components which sounds like what you may be aiming at.

    Again, if can get a model I can apptmpt to tell you more. Plus for sure get back with you on the relays.

    Hope this helps. I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong on any of that.

The OP stated in another post that the panel is a Bentel FC-510. It took some searching but I did find the manual available on a site not requiring a dealer password. According to the manual the company address is in Italy, so this panel is built to European codes and standards. Here is a Dropbox link to the manual.

<LINK_TEXT text=“Dropbox - Error … l.pdf?dl=0”>Dropbox - FC520-FC510 Install Manual.pdf - Simplify your life</LINK_TEXT>