Fire Panel to Central Station

Hey Guys

I have a good one but probably no challenge for the gurus. I have a Silent Knight 5820XL, at my work station I have a Sur Gard III, I tested an alarm signal and recieved it fine…here is the kicker, the operator at the monitoring company tells me they recieved an “open”. Identical Sur Gard recievers and alarm software… GO!! :shock:

First of all, is this a real system protecting life and property, or it is just a hobby/demonstration system? From the monitoring service connection it sounds like a real system but just making sure.

Is the panel set to dial-out to the receivers separately (i.e. two communication paths with two phone numbers)? Also, could you expand on the “open” error you have received?

SIA or Contact ID?

What’s the code coming through?

Yeah, reporting format would be good to know, plus exactly what codes and zones the central station received. But looks like this panel can send out a code when the system is reset - for SIA the code is OR, for ContactID the code is 401 (see page 9-3 in the manual), which also happens to be an “opening” code. Looking at section under “Events to Report” looks like you can turn off/on the “system reset” code for each account. I would image this has been turned ON for the one account going to the central station. But just a guess!

I agree with what you have said Kcin about protecting life and property.