firealarmveteran15's "Mini Tests"

As I’ve stated many times before, I’m starting fresh on a new channel, which, for me, means reposting most of the videos that were posted to my old channel. For those who are still subscribed to this channel, and aren’t subscribed to the new channel, I would highly recommend that you subscribe to the new channel.

I’ve actually <URL url="My latest alarm tests]done this before[/url], except this time, I will have two topics: this one, which is dedicated to “Mini Tests”; and the other one will be for anything other than “Mini Tests”. I have also done away with disclaimers in the beginning of the video. Although it makes sense nowadays, that old topic was locked due to me getting fed up with posting new videos in said topic, not knowing that I would end up starting fresh on a new channel (that was back in May of 2016). I’ll do my best to post every so often in here as well as in the other topic. Any questions regarding the change must be done in private message.

Anyway, on with the videos.

Here’s Mini Tests 1-3, all of which are from 2008.


Fun fact: this video was actually scheduled to be published on the 10th anniversary of the day I had originally posted this to my old “bakepatient” channel (which has since been closed back in mid-2010). (yes this is indeed the third time I’ve had uploaded this)



Tests 4 and 5 are here. Only two because my intention is to post here on Fridays (see note below).



The reason why I posted on a Monday rather than a Friday is so that there would be enough videos to start with (ditto for <URL url="firealarmveteran15's non-"Mini Test" videos]the other topic[/url]) since I didn’t have enough time in advance in order to get the videos published a few days earlier.

Here’s another batch from this week:





I think you know the drill (no, not a fire drill) by now…





This will be the last batch of videos, for now. Reason being: I am taking a hiatus (hopefully it won’t be a long one). For more insight: keep an eye out for two videos to come out within the next 24 hours from this post.






I hope that you have a nice relaxing break then!

I don’t think “relaxing” is the right word given especially at the time of posting this, things are starting to heat up (no pun intended). Case in point, my signature was changed not too long ago (if you follow the link in the signature, you’ll know why I’m taking a break from posting videos).

But thanks, anyway.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a “Mini Test,” so here are this week’s videos:

Test 15:


Retake of Test 15:


Test 15.5:


Retake of Test 15.5:


Nice videos that you have! Awesome job!




For those who are subscribers of my fire alarm channel, if you had gotten a notification on Wednesday morning saying that I had posted 2 videos at that time, that’s because I scheduled the Retake of Mini Test 17 for the wrong time; and I didn’t realize it until it came out (hence why it was deleted immediately).

Really great jobs on these videos! They really have came out nice! I can’t wait to see more from you!

As mentioned, in <URL url="firealarmveteran15's non-"Mini Test" videos]the other topic[/url], since this week was National Fire Prevention Week, so I posted (at least) one video for every day on Monday thru Friday of said week.

I’ll post the videos as links due to the overwhelming amount of embedded videos on this topic.

Mini Test 18:

Mini Test 19:

For Test #20, I have split the video into two parts, with the latter now being designated as Mini Test 20.5. I have also done a retake of these tests back in 2017 due to the sound distorting in the original take from five years earlier. The retake is also split in two parts.

Original Take

Mini Test 20:

Mini Test 20.5:


Mini Test 20:

Mini Test 20.5:

Those videos really have come out very awesome! I really do hope that I can see more videos from you in the future!