Firebird's fire alarm collection (photo heavy)

Pictures of my stuff and the stories behind them.

Will start with the FA’s from a recent renovation on my college campus. I had started with this back at the end of March. I had gone over there to see what I could find, and they hadn’t taken them out yet, but someone took out two Honeywell S464A pulls and two Faraday 6120’s FA’s for me and that got me started. These had been installed in the 90’s and had replaced an old system with Simplex 4040’s. Most of the buildings on campus are from the 60’s, and probably there were many of these at one point. Faraday’s had also been put on the outside as well but one of the old 4040’s remained, I guess because it was in a really odd place, it was in a recessed area and no outside door going to it, so I guess a new FA wasn’t required there. I asked about it and they said it would probably stay.

Fast forward to July. I went back to see what progress was made. I noticed as I went in that new EST Integrity’s had replaced the outside horns, and inside, EST Genesis’s. I went in and downstairs some of them were in a pile. 5 more Faraday 6120’s, a lone 6140, and 3 5521 remote strobes. I bagged them up and was about to leave when I noticed through a window that the 4040 was gone! I looked around for it but could not find it. Finally I went for my last resort and hopped into the dumpster. A few minuets in I found 2 more of the Honeywell pulls, then found 2 Honeywell TC807 smokes. Finally, I found one of the outdoor 6140’s, and then at last the 4040. I was hot, sweating, and covered in dirt and dust and wanted to get the heck out of there so i didn’t look for anymore stuff, cause I had found what I really wanted!


Faraday 5521 strobes.

Faraday 6120 fire alarms

Faraday 6140 fire alarms

Honeywell S464A pulls

Breakaway rods

Simplex 4040 :smiley: Unfortunately, 45 years of weather exposure has caused the black paint on the tag to rub off when touched. I had the foresight to make a replica when it was a little better, which I did on Windows Paint.

Honeywell SC807 smokes

My next 3 came from an old electrical warehouse in Salt Lake City. I found it in the phonebook when I got curious to see if such a place existed. I got a Simplex 4051, Wheelock 7001T-24 and SigCom SG32S pull station. $40 for all three, so they do have decent prices.

Simplex 4051

Wheelock 7001T

SigCom SG32S pull station, from Dec. 18 2003


And my last 3, from an electronics store that I found by luck haha, kinda like a junk shop in layout, wit used and new stuff. Prices individually marked on stuff. I got a Federal Signal 350 scoreboard type buzzer, $5, a NIB Gentex WGEC24 Commander 2, $9, and a NIB Gamewell M46-28, $5 with instructions, screws to mount, but no break rod :?

Federal Signal 350

Gentex Commander 2

Dang, those switches are TINY


Gamewell M46-28

That’s it for now, new items will be posted here as I get them. :slight_smile:

Nice collection! Some lucky finds you have. I always appreciate the alarms I’ve found in person more than stuff I’ve ordered on eBay.

I don’t get why your college were replacing the Faraday horns? Did they work? I know why my college replaced their 4051s with Godawful Spectra speakers, but those horns seemed fine.

Probably didn’t fulfill code/energy needs.

Nice job with the label.