Firelite 411UD Dialer Programming

I recently bought a Firelite 411UD dialer. I, stupidly, did not read too far into the manual before buying it. I already talked to Newageserveralarm about it, somewhat, and he said I would either need a Firelite DACT programmer or a special type of modem. I will soon be able to afford the programmer if I have to get it. But would it be easier to use a modem? And what kind of modem would I need. I already have a few internal modems in some of my computers… The manual said that I should be able to use a “generic” modem to program it. So long post short, what will I need to get this dialer working? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

It would actually not be feasible to use the modem as you have to program the dialer with the PRO-411 first, and if it is a newer model 411UD, will not allow remote upload/download WITHOUT A TECH ON-SITE WITH A PRO-411.

Remember, look before you leap. If you had bought an SK-5128 or SK-5104 dialer I do have a programmer for those and would have programmed it for you for a reasonable price.

I don’t want to hijack Techboy97’s topic, but since we are on the topic of dialers, is it possible to program one to actually call out and speak the alarm conditions over the phone? My security panel’s built-in dialer used to have this capability when it was installed, for the building’s security guards, but I don’t know if they had other CID equipment to receive the call first.

You could probably program a Pi or Arduino to do that.

If its not too much to ask, how did you program yours?

Also, if it has been previously programed, and it isn’t the newer model, can it still be programmed with the modem or not?

1. I have access to a PRO-411 dialer which I borrowed for a little bit, programmed my dialer, then returned.

2. If it is an older model and you used a PRO-411 to program the remote programming settings, then yes you can dial into it if you have the right equipment and program it remotely.

3. A dialer that dials out and speaks does exist – it’s called a voice dialer. Here’s an example of one made by Visonic. You program phone numbers into it and record a voice message and wire its inputs to your panel. When the panel sounds, the voice dialer calls phone numbers on the list and transmits the recorded voice message.

These are not permitted for use on commercial systems, especially on fire alarm systems.

Thanks. I went ahead and created a separate topic in security to discuss this more in depth so I don’t take over this topic.