FireLite 4800 Series Panel

I saw this very old FireLite panel at an Olive Garden near my apartment; don’t believe I’ve seen it anywhere else online.

Had no idea what this was until I saw a picture of it in a brochure from 1987, as seen here.

I believe this is a FireLite 4800 series panel, which was some older addressable panel from the late 80s / early 90s. It’s paired with the conventional 4000 series, which I do own (a 4012).

This panel is no longer in use. There’s a newer FireLite addressable system in the restaurant, with an ANN-80 and L-series horn/strobes. I don’t see anything else that might’ve paired with this 4800 left in the building. Perhaps it would’ve been too much trouble to remove the panel from the wall.