Firelite and Notifier Addressabel devices

Hi Folks, I’m new here

I tried searching on the forums, but didn’t find a specific answer I’m looking for.

We are currently working on a Fire Alarm system from Notifier (Fire Warden 100-2).

We have no access for the Notifier devices, but I heard that the certain Firelite Addressable devices are compatible with this system.

I need a NMM-100 Monitor Module replaced.

Our vendor only supplies us with Fire-Lite systems.

We are also an ESD for Silent Knight / Farenhyt Systems.

Appreciate if someone can direct me to a post or if someone can verify any Compatible devices, greatly appreciated. :smiley:


Some folks here described the compatibility between the addressable protocols of the various Honeywell brands. While there is some overlap, and some modules may seem to work with other brand panels, it is not advised to mix the various brands on a system. While it may seem to work, the different protocols are not really the same, and it may cause the system to fail in unexpected ways. Not worth the risk in my opinion.

Notifier is proprietary, so the only proper way is to hire a Notifier dealer to do it. Or see if they will sell you the part, my company (a Gamewell-FCI ESD) has sold Gamewell-FCI parts to our clients and other installers just so they can have a spare. Selling one or two parts is not a big deal for us.

You can almost always find Notifier devices on eBay.

Assuming that the OP is looking for parts to go on a life safety system in a building, eBay would not be a professional and acceptable way to get parts. It’d be best to get them from an authorized Notifier distributor for reliablility reasons.

It’s not only unprofessional, I believe it’s actually illegal to install devices in a life safety system that are not brand new, sealed from the manufacturer.

But, if this is not a life safety system, go right ahead!

Yes, but the OP indicated a “vendor” and stated they are working on this, so this indicates that this is a real life safety system, so it’d have to be from a distributor or from the manufacturer.