Firelite ann-80 on notifier nfw-50x

HI, New to the forum, I have a new customer with an installed NOTIFIER NFW-50X panel. The recommended NOTIFER N-ANN-80 is on backorder with a ship date of May.
Can I install the FIRELITE version ANN-80 an will it work?
Has anyone done this?


The notifier n-Ann-80 is the same as the fire-lite Ann-80

So no compatibility/firmware issues?

Have you looked up the n-Ann-100 to see if it is back ordered

Fire-Lite annunciators and Notifier panels are not listed to work with each other, and should not be used together on a life safety system.

The N-ANN-100 is only for FM listed applications

And is that against fire code

The N-ANN-100 is officially compatible with the NFW-50X according to the data sheet (meaning the warranty will stay intact), but the “FM applications only” mention in the data sheet is odd… I’d recommend checking with your local AHJ to get clarification on this and whether it’s acceptable or not. I found a manual (not a data sheet, the actual manual) that didn’t mention anything about FM applications, just that it would work.

As for the Fire-Lite ANN-80, I don’t recommend it, because, even though it’s technically identical to the N-ANN-80, it’s not officially supported and will void the UL listing on the panel, therefore violating codes. Even if you get a variance for this, you’ll still void the warranty.

If the AHJ requires devices to be UL-listed, then yes. @Bryan if you can, try to get the N-ANN-80 from another source to avoid using incompatible devices on a life safety system to prevent liability should something go wrong