Firelite CMF-300 Sync Issue

I have been trying to get a CMF-300 to either sync some strobes together or output temp 3 for a bell circuit. I am unable to get the module to do anything other than constant power, even when changing the module type in the panel. Is there a setting I am missing somewhere or are these modules not able to provide sync?

Control modules can’t produce signal coding or strobe sync from the module itself. Those are really just for steady signals.

Thank you! Is there a device for firelite that can do that?

What type of devices are you trying to sync? If they are System Sensor devices, you would need a System Sensor MDL sync module.

Some system sensor devices and on a separate circuit, a vibratone horn

I think the easiest thing to do would be to replace the vibratione with a new System Sensor device and tie them all into an MDL sync module. If you are ok with the vibratione doing continuous, you could leave it.

There is a multi-module that had 6 NACs on it. You could put in a SYNC-1 module to apply System Sensor sync to it. However, the SYNC-1 is discontinued now. Not a big deal since you can just put an MDL on the NACs and work from there.