FireLite ES-200X with "Display Communication Error"

Good day everyone

I have a trouble with a ES-200X FireLite Panel, The attached KeyPad doesnt let me navigate on system menu, it’s like the keypad was disconected
The display says “Display Communication Error”, buy I already tested the ribbon cable attached to main board, and replaced it. But the error remains
I’m not available to do anythig by the KeyPad or FS-Tools Software

Has anyone else seen this error before?

Thans for your help!

Yes! I’m a hobbyist. A few years ago I was given a brand new ES-200X that was defective from the factory with the same error and issue. I should of kept it but I scrapped it for parts. Always wondered what the issue was. I tried reseating connectors, checking voltages, etc. I wasn’t sure if the problem was on the display board or the main board refusing to communicate with the display.