Firelite es50x test F faults

Hello everyone, I Have a firelite es50x system in my apartment building that was installed about a year and a half ago…I panel is beeping with a fault code for “trouble heat detect attic Test F”…it stores codes for both heat sensors that are up in the attic…it seems to be going off only on very hot days…both heat sensors in attic are the newer style firelite high temp H365HT…i beleive those are only supposed to go off at 190 degrees…i went up in the attic today (88 degrees out) and the highest temp reading I could get with a temp gun was 120 degrees…not sure what’s going on and my electrician is stumped also…from what I read in the manual it says a “Test F” code is when it self tests and fails…so that would mean it has nothing to do with the temperature on hot days…even though it only seems to do it on hot days in the afternoon when temps hot their peaks…any help would be appreciated because no one can seem to figure it out and my tenants are going crazy because of the beeping firelite panel In basement…thanks in advance

I’d recommend contacting fire lite tech support. Fire lite is non propriotary and you should be able to talk to them and ask questions as an end user. If not message me and I can call them for you as a dealer

Sounds like a faulty detector. Go ahead and replace it. Good luck. :+1:t6:

It throwing faults for both attic detectors. And it’s been doing it since shortly after they were installed…I guess I should just try em both to rule that out