Firelite MS-9200UDLS With ANN-80 and LCD-80F

Hi all -

I have a 9200UDLS (an older rev, one with non-removable terminals) with a Firelite ANN-80, both work great. I was wondering if it was possible to have both an ANN-80 and an LCD-80F wired into the panel. With there being both a primary and secondary bus on my panel, I thought it could be possible to keep the ANN-80 on the primary and wire the LCD-80F onto the secondary bus, with both being powered through the 9200’s non resettable power supply; without, well, messing anything up. Keep in mind I just want to do this for enthusiast purposes, I’m not looking for everything to be up to code :smile:


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does it have separate terminals for the eia485 bus if so you can have both on the system

if I recall correctly I don’t think that works. Don’t quote me on that. I think it has to do with BUS and ANN-BUS things. Again don’t quote me on that.


on fire alert’s home system rev 3 and rev 2 only difference is removable terminal blocks and he has both of those on the system