FireLite with a CO1224

I am running into some headaches with CO detectors on all FireLite panels. I typically do a CO1224TR on a MMF301. Then in programming I set the Type to Supervisory. This has the desired local effect which is a a single localized CO going off, but not all of NAC. Also the panel enters Supervisory.

Here is my problem: my CSM is treating this like a Supervisory and just sending out an email to the owner. I need CSM to treat this like an alarm and dispatch FD. CSM says they can’t recode like that “a supervisory is a supervisory - it only gets an email.” They treat a CO the same as a Sprinkler Tamper because they are both Supervisory.

Here is what I tried: I changed the Type to Monitor and moved it to Zone 9. Only the CO is on 9. All other devices and NAC circuits are on their default Zone 0. My hope was that the CO would at least transmit to CSM as a full alarm and would dispatch FD with the info as “CO Detector Front Office.” And it worked… sort of.

But now I have a local problem. When the CO goes off, so does all of NAC. I believe this is because anything on Zone 0 always goes off in any alarm, regardless of Zone number. I could move all other devices and NACs to Zone 1, but I am starting to think that I am making a Rube Goldberg machine here.

What am I missing??? How should I program a MMF301 that monitors a CO?

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I’m having trouble understanding why they’re claiming they cannot dispatch a supervisory… but since we have to look past that, let’s continue. When you made the CO’s into Zone 9, what type of monitor did you program it as? Fire-Lite zoning is a bit of a pain, and if the device is a standard monitor it’ll set off the NACs no matter what.

Zach, I have NO idea. I’ve argued this with them. I may need to escalate it to management. They said I am the first person to need this, which made me think that I must be programming something wrong.

But to answer your question, I just programmed it as “Monitor.” In the ES50 there is a type called just plain old “Monitor.”

Lets consider a hypothetical smoke. If a smoke is on Zone 9 it will fire any NAC output that is assigned to Zone 9, but it will also fire any NAC on Zone 0. It turns out that all fire devices will always fire Zone 0. This is a factory default and cannot be undone. If I move all my NAC outputs to Zone 8, then when that smoke goes off it will literally not fire any NAC devices. No NAC outputs are left on either zone 9 or zone 0.

Right, so a “Monitor” device is programmed as a fire device, similar to the smoke detector, this cannot be changed. If you were to change this to a CO input but on Zone 9, does that still just generate a standard supervisory or does it show Zone 9 tripped?

I have to apologize because 99% of the alarms I’ve worked on are setup with simple monitoring over an AES radio, in that it only uses the relays to activate rather than utilizing Contact ID. We were able to tell the monitoring to dispatch when a supervisory signal comes in (Zone 3 on the radio).

Correct, a “Monitor” is a fire device. There is no input type called “CO”.

Here are the Types available for a module:

Pull Station ----- Fire Alarm
Waterflow Fire ----- Alarm Delayed
Monitor ----- Fire Alarm
Smoke-Conventional ----- Fire Alarm
Heat Conventional ----- Fire Alarm
Medic Alert ----- General Purpose Signaling, latching
Hazard Alert ----- General Purpose Signaling, latching
Tornado Alert ----- General Purpose Signaling, latching
Phone ----- Active Phone (LCD display only)
Tamper ----- Supervisory, nonlatching (tracking)
Supervisory ----- Supervisory, latching ----- Supervisory
Supervisory AR ----- Supervisory, nonlatching (tracking), Auto Resettable
HVAC OVRRIDE ----- Switch Supervisory, nonlatching (tracking)
Power Monitor ----- Power Fault
Trouble Monitor ----- Trouble
Process Monitor ----- General Purpose Signaling, latching
Process Monitor AR ----- General Purpose Signaling, nonlatching (tracking)
Ack Switch ----- Acts like panel Acknowledge Key
Sil Switch ----- Acts like panel Silence Key
Reset Switch ----- Acts like panel Reset Key
Drill Switch ----- Acts like panel Drill Key
PAS Bypass ----- PAS Disable
HVAC RESTART ----- Switch
Drill Switch AR ----- Acts like panel Drill Key, non-latching (tracking)

Right, but I want to confirm that if you program it as a supervisory while it’s on Zone 9 it can’t come up as a CO event?

Correct, it will not come up as a CO event. The CSM and the FD will know it is CO because the alpha-numeric title transmitted with the CTID address will say “CO Detector Front Office.” But it will transmit like any other supervisory to CSM.

Not sure why the CSM is giving you grief for something like that… It certainly should be up to them to ensure it gets properly dispatched… Is it a well known CSM or is it a smaller one?

Huge global CSM. This is why I suspect I am the one doing something wrong. I’ll escalate it up to a supervisor there. I will leave the device as a Supervisory at the site.

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