First Alert smoke detector removed and there's still beeping at the hole in the ceiling!

This is driving me nuts. We have four detectors upstairs in our house. They are on some sort of hardwired circuit so that testing the alarm on one plays sound on all of them. We got some periodic chirping two days ago so I replaced the 9 volt batteries in all the units. One in a bedroom continues to chirp. I finally unplugged it and put it temporarily in another room. The chirping continues at the emply hole in the ceiling! What am I doing wrong?

can you send a picture of inside the hole?

I went out and bought a replacement First Alert 7010b but the problem persists. Every few seconds I hear a chirp whether the unit is plugged in or removed entirely. The problem started a few days ago and I was hoping battery replacment would fix things.

there might be some kind of fault in the wiring

or you plugged the detector in backwards maybe

The problem started on its own and I have it plugged in properly. I’m running out of ideas. Hate to call an electrcian but might have to.

There could be a detector between the the ceiling and rafters, it’s happened before

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try checking inside the hole to see if there’s a smoke alarm in there

Okay, I’m feeling very foolish. My 76 year old ears didn’t realize that the beeping was coming from a nearby Carbon Monoxide detector, not my smoke detector! Thanks for the help!

bro relateable - we had to remove old brk electronic ones from the 80’s they wouldnt stop