First Computer or OS

I am remembering my first computer and operating system. It was Windows ME. Everyone says that ME sucks, but I actually like it. What was your first computer or operating system?

Hehe, having a dad who’s a computer programmer, my first OS was before Windows 95. As for what computer it was, IDK, but it was a desktop.

My family’s first computer was a Gateway (not sure about the model), with Windows 98. We purchased it in early 98, and it lasted until 2005, when it was replaced. My own first computer was a Dell Dimension 8400 with XP that I got in 2004. I still use it today, only I’ve installed Windows 7 on it. It’s a bit laggy, but it’s good for a second computer in addition to my laptop.

My first was a Gateway 2000 with Windows 98.

Our first was an old Packard Bell 386 with Windows 3.0 (which we upgraded to 3.11). It looked like the top right machine here:

If only I could remember the name of the thing…it was some sort of '80s job, real “primitive”, lol. I remember having it in the mid '90s when I was a kid. It had some basic programs like this one called “splash” which is like today’s “paint”. As a kid that was all I really needed in a computer to be entertained.
We eventually got a Gateway computer around 1999 with Windows ME (which wasn’t bad, it served it’s purpose for as long as we had it) and that’s when my parents dared to enter the internet world.
I think around 2007 we upgraded to our current family computer, a Dell with Windows Vista. It still functions nicely and I’m actually typing this message on it.

As for my own computers: I first got a Gateway computer with Windows XP around 2003 or so. It served it’s purpose excellently. I had a lot of fun with that computer, but it severely lacked any good RAM, so I outgrew it and bought myself a nice Dell laptop about a year and a half ago with Windows 7. I love my laptop, I think it has 8 gigs of RAM and runs like a cheetah. I recently made my house wireless, so I’ve made it even more fun to use.

My grandpa had one of those! It had MS-DOS Shell installed on it. Half of the applications such as Clock could not run without Windows. It probably had a Windows 1 or 3 series or else they wouldn’t be there.

It’s a good machine!

My first computer–which was a laptop–is a Toshiba model w/ Windows 7 as its operating system.

My family’s first computer was an iMac G3 Tray Loading in Bondi Blue, running Mac OS 9. Prior to that, we would use my dad’s home work computer.

My mom’s first computer where she worked was a powermac. I am not sure about the model, but I know that it ran Mc OS 7.6. Our first family PC ran windows 3.1.

Gateway 2000/Windows 95