First Great Wolf Lodge in the UK

You heard correctly
The UK is getting a Great Wolf Lodge in Chesterton near Bicester in Oxfordshire UK
It is expected to open later this year

They’ve been forming more in Canada with their new location in Niagara Falls, this will be the first one in Europe that they’ve expanded to.

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Yes indeed it is
I’m excited

Hopefully not too long until it opens

That ‘new’ location in Niagara Falls has been there for a long time lol. I went as a kid when it was brand spanking new, i didn’t even know Great Wolf Lodge was a chain at the time. I assumed it was a local resort. I think it was my first time seeing an EST system in person with the Genesis horn strobes lol.


I first went to the one in Grand Mount back when I was little and it sure was impressing by how large the EST system this one has with all the Genesis speaker strobes (the water park uses Integrities). I remember the entryway of mine had a lot of the wall genesis speaker strobes right by the entry lobby thinking it would be over 110db if the system did activate. In fact back then I even used to think that those EST Genesis’ were very large horns inside and would be worse than the SpectrAlert Classics that my school had. Luckily it never got activated while I was there the few times I got to go there.

I sure hope those Integrity speaker strobes still work even after getting many tons of water being splashed directly inside it since some were right near the big tower and slides.


Lol I can imagine by now, many have been replaced. Water and electronics definitley don’t mix. I have had my share of replacing NAC devices or pull stations in high humid places like pools, boiler rooms, saunas, laundry rooms, etc.


How often did those NAC devices fail when you had to inspect them? I imagine they aren’t as weatherproof as they seem.

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I’ll keep y’all updated when the Great Wolf Lodge in the UK opens