First Panel

What was your first FACP? I will soon have a Simplex 4002. I am getting it from my old high school that is being torn down.

We may have a topic somewhere about first alarms.

First Homemade Panel: Alertek 8005
First Panel: Fire-Lite MS-2

4002s are nice, and it’s cool you’re salvaging one before it gets chucked.

Anyway, my first FACP is a Simplex 4001 (currently installed in my room). For the record, my second is a Fire-Lite MS-4 currently installed in my basement.

The panel I have is a National Time and Signal 2201; I bought it pretty cheap a few years ago as a collection piece and I don’t plan on using it for a system setup. It was made in 1977 and is somewhat similar to a Simplex 4208.

The first (and only panel) that I have is a Simplex 4004, unless you count the Faraday 401140 as a panel, because I got that first.

Mine was a Fire-Lite MS-5UD. It was a great little panel until I fried one of the NAC’s on it due to my own stupidity at the time.

Eh, crap happens.

Really like your videos BTW

First Homemade: 3005
First Actual: Simplex 2001