First time on the forum and my collection

This is my first time posting on the forum, so I hope I’m posting in the right place. So what better was to start than with my collection.

Notification Appliances


Simplex 2903-9001 x1
Simplex 2903-9102 x2
Simplex 2903-9101 x1
Simplex 2903-9002 x1
Simplex 2902-9735 (Voice EVAC w/light) x1
Simplex 4903-9426 x1
Simplex 2901-9833 x2
Simplex 2901-9838 x1
Simplex 4050-80 (w/white “FIRE” text)

All Others

Wheelock 7002T-24 x1
Space Age Electronics AV-32 x2
Space Age Electronics 2DCD x2
Exide Electronics Remote Light

Pull Stations
Simplex 4251-20 x1
Simplex 4251-1 x1
Simplex 4251-41 (Dual Stage) x1
Simplex 2099-9735 x2
Notifier BNG-1R x1
Notifier BG-10 x1
FCI MS-2 x1

Smoke/Heat Detectors
Simplex 4255-1 x1
System Sensor i3 2W-8 x1
System Sensor 2400


Simplex 4001 (Board Only) x1
Simplex 4601-9102 (4001 Annunciator) x1

Simplex 2903 Backbox x2
Simplex 4050-80 Backbox x1
SAE Backbox x2
Simplex 4017-62 (Bell) x1

This collection is still in progress, and I would like to complete my incomplete setups, so if anyone has a Simplex 4001 cabinet and transformer, or a Simplex 4050-80 (highly unlikely), please let me know, I will pay. I am also an electrical apprentice in the field, so I will have the opportunity to expand my collection as old systems are decommissioned on the jobsite.