FirstAlert Smoke Detectors

Does anyone know how to run an actual drill so the alarms are sounding throughout the entire time with FirstAlert smoke detectors?

Could you elaborate a bit more please as I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to say.

Sorry for being a bit unclear. Is there a way to run a fire drill using FirstAlert smoke detectors so they beep the entire time?

I don’t think so: the test button must be held down the whole time you want the detectors to sound (& this is only for AC interconnected detectors: with non-interconnected or battery-powered detectors you have to hold the test buttons on all of them to get them all to go off at once). Why do you want to do this anyway?

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I was just wondering. Thanks for answering!

Well okay. I guess you could also try smoke spray such as Smoke Sabre, which will let you set the detectors off as if there was an actual fire (& there’d be no need to hold down the test button in this case). Be careful though: use the spray too much & you might end up damaging the detector or making it more sensitive than it should be (which might end up causing a false alarm later on).

Wouldn’t using a spray call the fire department?

No: only commercial systems sometimes have a dialer that does that. As I said though, be careful that you don’t use it too much or you’ll damage the detector or make it too sensitive.

So the alarm will only stay on until I enter the ADT passcode into the system or something?

Wait…are these detectors hooked to a security system?

I honestly have no clue? ADT is the home security and FireAlert is the smoke detectors.

Yeah I don’t think standalone detectors like those made by a company like First Alert are hooked to security systems; you should be fine setting them off & not having to worry about the fire department coming. They should also self-reset once the sensor empties of smoke spray enough (& thus there’s no need to do anything with the security system to reset them).

How do I double check to make sure the FD doesn’t come to my house?

As I said they shouldn’t since I’m pretty sure the detectors in your house are not hooked to the security system.

Ok. Thank you for helping me!

You’re more than welcome! :smiley: