Fixing wheelock MIZ

I have a wheelock MIZ which i had accidentally hooked it up to 120V. Everything still works, but i.need to replace what i assume is a capacitor. It is the blue piece thats between both of the power connectors. If anyone who has a wheelock MIZ could please tell me what that piece is, It would be greatly appreciated.

How do you know everything still works?

After i fried it, i took the fried piece out, and when i apply 24 volts to it, the horn went off. But the horn was lower in sound than before, and it doesnt work on code 3 anymore, and nothing else seems on the circuitboard seems fried.

Can you show us the identifying marks on the piece?

The capacitor in between the terminals on my MIZ’s is a 16V 100uF Capacitor. But that’s just on mine. Yours might be different though.

Some pictures and an operation video would help us diagnose your problem. In addition to blowing a capacitor, you may have also damaged some copper tracings or partially fried a resistor which could cause these strange outputs. It can all be fixed but a few pictures could help us help you.

I’d recommend just finding a replacement… they are very cheap anyway, about $10.

If you want to fix it, more than one thing probably got fried. From taking mine apart there’s a bunch of small components under the piezo element and an 8 pin DIP Chip. As for the blue capacitor, mine is blank and it appears to serve no other purpose than a filter on the input voltage.

-Heres the thing that burnt, which i think was the capacitor between the positive and negative leads.

-and heres a pic of the whole circuit board, it seems nothing else had fried, as the horn still works, but it only does continuious.

And i just might go with newageserver’s idea and just get a new one. Its easier than fixing this.

Well, if your still up for fixing it…

Look at the silk screne printing on the PCB where it was, does it say C1 or someother letter-number combo?

That won’t help you determine what type of capacitor it is though… Even replacing that one capacitor may not fix it, some other components may be busted.

Which is why I’ll probably just buy another one instead. This one costs me like, 5 bucks, and I found it in a thrift store. So no loss really if i can’t fix it.