Flea Markets

Have any of you gone to a flea market to buy just about anything? Me and my mother went to one at Greenmead Historical Park today in Livonia; I picked up 13 fire and police vehicles (just like a Matchbox, for example) for my emergency vehicle collection that I have. My mother also purchased a wooden cribbage board.

Interesting note I must add; I saw a National Time 641 pull station for sale at one of the vendors…

Buying peoples trash and crap. Sounds like a fantastic way to spend your day.

I love “thrift shops” where people buy used clothing…

I love Flea Markets/Thrift Shops/Antique Stores/Garage Sales because its where I find allot of my old electronics and other cool stuff. For example I have a very rare cat’s eye/magic eye tube that I got for free when I was 5 and apparently when I looked thru a old WW2 book and apparently that specific tube was used to calibrate the gyros on the German Buzz Bombs. Just another example of rare stuff that you can find that would otherwise be thrown out and be lost forever.

When I’m in Cali, we usually go to the Galt Market..

And in Ohio, we go to either the Treasure Aisles market or the Trader’s World market, which has System Sensor MASS ceiling-mount horn/strobes with the rarer block-style font. Both markets are right across the interstate (I-75)

A few years ago I went to a flea market with my parents. I didn’t find anything that I wanted, but you never know what you could find.

I recently went to another “flea market-like” venue yesterday; the Gibraltar Trade Center in Taylor. To sum it up, it consists of numerous tenants under a massive warehouse, which also hosts different types of shows (computer, train, etc.).

I’m generally not a huge fan of them, it’s mostly people just selling junk. I will say that I have found some nice things before. A few alarms / sprinklers, but mostly what I buy at a flea market is plants. I like to buy plants for my garden and to decorate my property because the plants you buy directly from the people that care for them tend to be healthier and of higher quality.