FM-200 suppression system in a CONVENIENCE STORE!?

Spotted a weird setup in a metro station in Beijing. A convenience store is protected by a Jadebird FM-200 fire suppression system. The light board in Pic.1 says “Agent release - Do not enter”, and the red round lamp is a Jadebird horn/strobe. For detection devices, there are Jadebird smokes and rate-of-rise heats for suppression as well as Notifier smokes for fire alarms. An electric bell is installed inside the store just above the check-out. Pic.2 shows the suppression nozzle.
I suppose the only reasonable explanation is that the store had been some sort of machinery or electronics compartment in previous days and was converted into a store with the original suppression stuff unremoved.

Interensting. I wonder if this was a weapons stockpile. :rofl: