FM200 control panel

Hello all, newb question
Have a Kidde Scorpio FM 200 panel in server room. Had it tested and came back release wouldn’t open. Question is I found a new control board online, can I just power down and swap boards and then power back up? Is there a procedure to not release the gas?

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Are you sure the panel is bad and there is no output voltage? Have you checked the solenoid? These panels have two zones so if Zone 2 is spare, you may be able program it and use it for release. A new panel or reassigning zone 2 will require some programming. You need to remove the solenoid from the bottle anytime the system is being worked on to prevent an accidental discharge. Check that the pin is reset before remounting the solenoid.

Cant say for sure if panel is bad as i wasnt the tester. Contractor did testing, functional test for abort and pull station failed at panel, note from tester stated solenoid did not fire but all devices working. 6.8 volts at solenoid
Wanting to sell us new system. Hoping to be a hero and fix this one. Found another motherboard for panel

This is the current board. Have another board exactly the same, was hoping to just swap out. The FM 200 panel has 2 strobes (1 in room and 1 out of room), 2 smoke detectors (1 at each end of room), 1 manual abort, and 1 manual release, and HVAC shutoff. Not seeing any RJ45 or anything to hookup a laptop for programing. If dipswitches are the same on both boards, would i need to reprogram?

To program or reprogram the Kidde Scropio (as I have one), its all done by the DIP switches. As follows from the manual:


The control panel provides an 8 position DIP switch (S2)
for setting of the programmable functions of the unit. These
functions are set by placing the switch in either the ON or
OFF position. The following paragraphs explain the functions and appropriate settings.
S2-1. Switch 2-1 allows the installer to program the control unit to activate the release output on activation of one
alarm zone or both alarm zones (cross-zoned). S2-1 OFF
= 2 zone release (cross-zoned), S2-1 ON = 1 zone release.
S2-2. Switch 2-2 is not used.
S2-3. Switch 2-3 allows the installer to program a delay
for the manual release input circuit. The manual input circuit may be either delayed or not delayed. The same delays apply to this circuit when activated as to the detection
circuits (to a maximum of 30 seconds). S2-3 OFF = immediate output, S2-3 ON = delayed.
S2-4, S2-5 & S2-6. Switches 2-4, 2-5 & 2-6 allow the installer to program the unit with the appropriate delay (0, 10,
20, 30, 40, 50 or 60 seconds), needed for the installation.
Table 3 lists the switch positions and associated delays. (The
manual release delay will delay for 30 seconds, maximum.)

Note: Panels with software revision 06-235252-002 or earlier, made prior to date code 9735, S2-6 = ON Enables the abort function, S2-6 = OFF Disables the
abort function.

S2-7 & S2-8. Switches 2-7 and 2-8 allows the installer to program the desired Abort mode for the installation. There are three
modes of Abort as explained in a previous section of this document. S2-7 OFF = Mode 1, S2-7 ON = Mode 2, S2-8 OFF = IRI
Mode, S2-8 ON = Mode 1 or Mode 2 per S2-7.

Mode 2 and IRI Mode does not comply with UL 864


If you want to see the whole manual of this panel, it can be seen here.

Thanks for the replies, greatly appreciated. So to change motherboard i would

  1. disconnect solenoid, remove from bottle
    2)power down panel
    3)change board
    4)power board
    5)reconnect to bottle making sure pin is reset, reconnect solenoid

thanks for the patience, probably shouldn’t do it myself but seems simple enough, just paranoid about setting off the gas

1a) Notify any authority that you will be working on the system

2a) Disconnect battery

3a) Program dipswitches

4a) Test system without solenoid connected