Forum colors

Is there a way to change the default forum appearance? I looked in the UCP, but don’t see an option. I ask because I can’t read white text on a tan background.


The forum has that capability, but it doesn’t look like it’s enabled. Someone is working on fixing the colors, but that’s a good suggestion in the meantime.

For a temporary fix, on Chrome right click on any “hidden text” and click “Inspect Element.” Find the color selector for the text (usually the second section down, with the title “.genmed.” Click the color selection box and choose a contrasting color of your choice. All text that is the same color of the text you edit will now be visible as long as you stay on that page (refreshing and going to another page will clear the changes.)

An even easier temporary fix is just to highlight the unreadable text, as if you’re trying to copy/paste it. :wink:

Looks like this place is starting to go the way of TSW in terms of Administrator support. I understand that people have lives, responsibilities, and priorities, as I have these myself, as everyone does. I respect Andrew, but this and the 504 errors (intermittent but still annoying) are getting old. Does anybody else have control over the forum controls besides Andrew? John? If not, I feel somebody else should be appointed with equal control to prevent a total abandonment like TSW.

Times flies, so let’s not forget this all started in March, over 2 months ago. I want to make it clear here and now I do not want to be a “rabble rouser” or try to start a coup against our Administration, I just want everything back to working so our user-base returns. Since this started, it’s become eerily quiet around here. Even those posts that do appear are mostly from a few loyal users and the moderators.



For those wondering, I have been lurking around here on and off over the past few months and not getting much opportunities at all to manage the forum, as in getting very little time at all to be an active participant.

I had a real messy end of the semester this year that I had to deal with. Now I am working full time again and I am busy where I do not have time to come on here much anymore. I’ll do my best but it’s just hard.

I know that my life has been rather crazy for the past couple of months (finishing high school/AP testing/Graduation/etc) and as a result, I had to take a little time off from the forum, and probably will have to take more time off when I start working full time again soon, and it’s taken a lot longer for me to do certain projects/upgrades to some of my websites (including, so hopefully the reduced presence of some of our members, such as Andrew, is understood. This site is getting nowhere close to the way TSW was in terms of administrator support, trust me. At its worst, there was one moderator who was still active, and absolutely no involvement from any of the other ones. Clearly, we’re no where near that point, and additionally, we have users like Ryan and John that do a lot of behind the scenes work to keep the forum running.

As of right now, the fixed theme is close to being done and there are some more performance upgrades for the server being implemented soon, so the wait to have the forum fixed is almost over. Thank you everyone for your continued patience.

I totally agree that some things have been neglected. People have lives/responsibilities, and sometime this forum comes second. I’ll see if the forum theme issue can be addressed sometime soon, but no guarantees. The intermittent 504 issues will be fixed in the next few weeks, as Inertia Networks has invested heavily in new equipment.

I don’t see this place going the way of TSW anytime soon. Not only do we have more than one administrator here, we have a team that cares about what we do, even though we are not around all the time.

I have noticed that it keeps changing, now it’s blue… But I like the blue, so you should keep it.

Merged with existing topic. Because of all of the issues with the “normal” forum theme, we have switched to the default theme until the issues are fixed.

Any clue when we get our “fire truck red” colored forum back, I miss it. It was the kinda the forums signature look… 8)

Hey guys does the forum need a hand with the theme ?

Can’t Wait for it to be back

I’m going to be looking into installing a new theme for the forum. The old one is no longer compatible with this version of phpBB, so we’ll need to either continue working on the one that we were trying to modify, or find a new theme entirely. I’ll need to talk it over with Andrew, and get the assistance of John and Ryan, but I definitely have it on my agenda to get us back to a custom theme sooner than later.