Found an old Notifier waterflow switch

Found this thing at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

I didn’t know Notifier made these things!


Wow. That is a cool find

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I didn’t know Notifier once made waterflow switches either! Nice find!

I’ve seen a similar flow switch at a performing arts centre in my area (the National Arts Centre). It’s interesting how the label design on these flow switches appears to have been carried over from Notifier’s bells.

Those vintage notifier flow switches are so cool

Wait, that says Lincoln, NE. Did notifier used to be based in Nebraska? If true, that is very interesting.

Notifier is indeed originally from Nebraska. Their website has a page describing the company’s history, which states the following:

1956 NOTIFIER Manufacturing Company assets transferred to the newly formed NOTIFIER Corporation in Lincoln, NE.
1949 Founded as the NOTIFIER Manufacturing Company by Oliver T. Joy in Waverly, Nebraska.

That raises my liking of notifier a bit more. I mean, I already thought positively about their products, but the fact that the company was local to me just makes it much better. I wonder where their old HQ was in Lincoln. I may have to see if I can find it next time I’m in Lincoln.

I came across this ad, which lists 239 S 11th St. as Notifier’s former address in Lincoln. Google Maps shows that a residential building has occupied the site since 2014-2015. Prior to the current building being constructed, the site was used as a parking lot—this leads me to believe that Notifier’s facility was likely demolished long ago and that the property sat empty until its recent redevelopment.

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That’s kind of disappointing. It would have been interesting if they kept that building as like one of their distribution points or something.