Found white 4903s in the wild!

I found white 4903s of unknown type at Byron Center High School in Michigan. Some have been replaced by white TrueAlerts. Note the dual action T-bars.


Excellent find!

There’s no real way from the outside to know the exact model number, but the strobe’s reflector should have a symbol or a sticker on it that indicates the candela: a green asterik indicates 15 candela, a blue circle indicates 30 candela, & an orange triangle indicates 110 candela.


Ooh nice find by the way

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It is 15 candela. Not sure if it is mechanical or electronic.

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Just for fun, the pull stations seem to be both conventional and addressable. The dual action pulls look conventional and single action ones look addressable. There is also one with a stopper on it.

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Could also be a speaker/strobe: Simplex made white versions of those models too. Here are the white wall-mount 4903-series model numbers that I know of:
4903-9167 (15 candela free-run speaker/strobe)
4903-9170 (30 candela free-run speaker/strobe)
4903-9173 (110 candela free-run speaker/strobe)
4903-9193 (15 candela selectable speaker/strobe)
4903-9194 (30 candela selectable speaker/strobe)
4903-9195 (110 candela selectable speaker/strobe)
4903-9221 (15 candela free-run electromechanical horn/strobe)
4903-9222 (30 candela free-run electromechanical horn/strobe)
4903-9223 (110 candela free-run electromechanical horn/strobe)
4903-9241 (15 candela free-run electronic horn/strobe)
4903-9242 (30 candela free-run electronic horn/strobe)
4903-9257 (15 candela selectable electronic horn/strobe)
4903-9258 (30 candela selectable electronic horn/strobe)
4903-9413 (15 candela syncable electromechanical horn/strobe)
4903-9414 (30 candela syncable electromechanical horn/strobe)
4903-9415 (110 candela syncable electromechanical horn/strobe)
4903-9431 (15 candela selectable electromechanical horn/strobe)
4903-9432 (30 candela selectable electromechanical horn/strobe)
4903-9433 (110 candela selectable electromechanical horn/strobe)

Keep in mind that Simplex’s pull stations only recently gained LEDs & thus for older ones you can’t go by that to determine whether they’re conventional or addressable.

Forgot about that. The pull with the LED was the only one of that type I could find. The system is probably completely addressable.
The building doesn’t have voice evac. The white TrueAlerts that most likely replaced some of the 4903s are standard horn strobes. I wish I could be there for a drill. I’d update with what they are. But that probably won’t happen as I was there for a friend’s sports event.

Ah, yeah, that’ll do it.

Alright then: that rules out the 9167, the 9170, the 9173, the 9193, the 9194, & the 9195.

I hadn’t realized that white variants of these signals were uncommon. I saw white speaker/strobes years ago in Vegas:

Woah, that’s a LOT of model numbers!

Those are all the ones I could find: there may be more though.

An assisted living facility that my great grandma used to live in had a 4002 system with white 4903 mechanical horn strobes all around the building. They also had some red TrueAlert horn strobes replacing some dead ones.

I’ve only seen those once in a building so I’m going to assume those are pretty uncommon

I was supposed to get these from someone on these forums a long time ago, well over 10 to 15 years ago, and they ended up screwing me for 50 bucks. I still think of the missing 4903 to that day everytime I see one lol.

Nice, My dad’s school used to have white mechanical 4903s when it was built in 97, system got replaced in 2013 with a Maxed out 5820XL system with Advances unfortunately. That was a legendary system. System did go off often but no videos were found.