four nas on support beams.

have you seen this? a walmart that i went inside had four wheelock as’s on every other support beam, one on each side of the support beam. ouch.

Take pictures next time… That sounds awful…

That does sound like overkill.

That’s a really common setup in older locations. I’ve seen it with MTs as well. Most like that in these parts have been replaced by new stores or the systems were replaced during expansion. I’ll try and get a picture the next time I’m at a store with the setup.

It ust be really loud over there when it goes off though.

It’s tat way at may local Dick’s Sporting Goods as well. Except, they have SpectrAlert Classics.

I wonder if they’d be synced or whether it’d be like some fire alarm disco ball… LOL

remembers Voyage400’s hotel fire alarm video

Boy, that system was a doozy. I imagine it’d be worse in this support beam scenario.

my computer doesn’t have picture capabilities, and that walmart was out of my local city, so i’m not likely to go in there again.

my local home depot has gentex commander 4s on the ceiling all over the place, really close together. seems like overkill. hope i’m never in there when the alarm goes off.

My local Walmart has Genesis horn/strobes installed in the same manner. There is, however, a possibility that the columns have two horn/strobes and two remote strobes (rather than four horn/strobes) since there is no way to visually distinguish both types of Genesis devices.

You can if you look at them at thre right angle, and the light is right. It’s quite difficult, though.

Every Canadian Walmart I’ve been in has Genesis horn/strobes in that 4 per column setup. Except for one in Peterborough, which had Integrities.

Dis one?



Never heard an EST voice system doing slow whoop before. Most of the ones I’ve seen in action do hi-lo.